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This is a hang/pump question for all...

This is a hang/pump question for all...

I was going through my routine this morning which consists of 3 - 15 min. hanging sets, followed by some jelqing, then pumping. My theory is that once I fatigued the ligs really well with my hanging, my jelqs and pumping will only further the fatigue in a different light.

Anyway, I use a heating pad to cover up my pump tube while I’m pumping, and midway through my pumping (say around the 7 or 8 min. mark) I slid the heating pad down to view my dick and was like “Damn, that looks a lot longer than usual!” So, I grabbed my ruler and measured straight up against tube, and I’ll be damned if I didn’t measure a hair over 7.5 INCHES! (That’s bone-pressed, since the tube goes down to the bone already) I was absolutely shocked. This coming from a guy who less than a month ago barely measured 6.75” EBP.

Of course, this was temporary, but should this give me hope of the length potential?

I’m still beaming with delight about it! Does anyone have any thoughts or comments on this occurence?

8x6, as stated before, is the goal.

It’s hard to say, somtimes I’m 7.5” in the tube as well, other times I’m only 7.25” and I think WTF. I guess it depends on how the dick is feeling that day.not really sure though..

Of course it is your potential. Now the goal is to cement that. This is where consistency and patience comes into play.

Oh, by the way, if you are using an lapdist tube, when measuring, did you take into account the thickness of that flange your ruler butts up against? That is 1/4 inch thick you know!

I use one of the gravel cleaner tubes. I got a real redneck-looking contraption, but it does a helluvajob. I also made a real thin seal for the bottom of the tube, so I just rode the ruler right up against it. So it didn’t affect the measurement one way or the other.

That’s great to hear from you gprent. I know you’re one of the more experienced members here.

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