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Thinking of starting hagning...

Thinking of starting hagning...

I am currently pumping and will be starting to clamp.

I was wondering,will hanging be beneficial,as a sub routine to help on length gaisn?

For hangers length seems to come much more easily and it comes even on hard gainers like me.

I am shooting for an inch in length that I should be able to get withing 2-3 month s time.

The idea is this:

One hanging session per day,consisting of 20 mins of heavy weights(I read they are goos way to do thing,here on TP and I read some of Sayians22 post on this),and two 20 mins pump seassions later the same day.

So morning we have hanging 20mins then pumping 20mins,then pumping before sleeeping for 10-15mins.

You can compliment hanging with edging & kegels (although I wouldn’t do edging or kegels daily).

After you finish hanging each day you should also jelq for 10-20 minutes—but very lightly.

I wouldn’t combine hanging with clamping (you mentioned clamping).

About hanging & pumping I wonder what the goal would be in combining those two things (why not just do more hanging sets?)

Well…I have a fat cock already,and would like it a little fatter.Maybe hanging and clamping would be better?

Pumping is nice already on its own.But as I mentioned,having laready a fat cock,maybe gains come slower in terms of lenght so,hangning is a one way exit for me.

Originally Posted by blink2000

I wouldn’t combine hanging with clamping (you mentioned clamping).

That’s my advice.

Hanging and clamping at the same time caused me to stop gaining in length and I didn’t gain in girth at all.

iHang Muzzle

:hanger: 15 lbs now. Angle: BTC

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