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Thinking of buying

Thinking of buying

I am thinking of going from my streaching and pjing routine to a haning one and since bib seems to be the best id like to know a few things

what gains have you made with the bib hanger?
How obious would it look it i were to wear it at work?
what kind of weights do you use?

also does anyone have a pic of them hanging? or a movie would be better

Wearing at work would be difficult under clothes.

Unless of course you are wearing a kilt.

Gains and lack of gains are well documented on this site - check around the previous posts in the hangers thread. Most guys gain with the bib, a few have not and others just needed more time to get gains. Time of use seems to correlate well with gains.

…wearing a kilt…

that cracked me up. :)

In my opinion

Its the BEST thing Since the internet PERIOD!! Check it out you’ll be glad you did.

I owe all of my gains to Bib, Thunder & DLD.

Thank you just dosent seem to cover it.

I'll be forever indebted to Them!!

you know why the Scottish wear kelts?

So the Sheep can’t hear the Zipper

well does anyyone have a pic of movie showing the use of a hanger(particularly bib)

Starter pic (in use)

Other bib pics at the start of the thread

that looks very painfull and like it might cause bursting vains

If you check through this forum, you’ll see thats not the case.

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