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Thinking about a new bib starter....

Thinking about a new bib starter....

I’m thinking about purchasing a new Bib Starter Hanger, because I want something that is durable, and will last, and is also able to take on heavy weight.

I have been using the Homemade Bib but it is becoming too much of a problem with the piece of pipe that slides underneath the outer pipe enclosing my dick and then pinching my shaft when I go to put it on. Also I’m not able to wrap loose because of this too, because then it would leave me very little room to try and get my wrapped unit in the contraption. And I would also have to pry like hell to get the moving pipe piece to bend back then slide my wrapped dick in and hope it doesn’t get pinched when it locks. I hope that makes some kind of sense to somebody.


I’m just looking for advice and/or feedback on homemade or commercial hangers that work well, are comfortable, durable, and can take on large weight if necessary. I’ve already searched and read about the homemade hangers posts (how to guides), just looking to see what people think would work better for my situation.

I was hanging 12.5 pounds, and then made the push to 15 at the beginning of this week. I felt like I was really on the verge of getting some good gains, but I am taking a few days off to let some skin heal, and to contemplate buying or making a more durable and comfortable hanger. I usually hang 3 sets for 20 minutes, and start out heavy then work down with fatigue. I just got weights from Monty and I am looking to employee them soon once I get my hanger situation straightened out.

Any suggestions. I’m looking at possibly making the Captain’s Wench or CC3, but I’m not sure if they can take on very heavy weight. Otherwise I would probably just go with a Bib Starter. I don’t want to waste any more time and it seems like the Bib Starter although costs considerably more is probably worth it, and the way to go.


I just got one not long ago so I don’t have much use with it yet. I own almost every PE thing made and as far as hangers go this is the best for me. For some reason I can’t go close to as heavy as most people seem to with anything. With my wench I can go to 7lbs with my vac hanger 5lbs but for 2hrs non stop. With my bib I have tried up to 15 just to see if I could do it and I did no prob. I’m only using 10 for my sets but if I can get 15 to work than for me its a great hanger. For the life if me I don’t know why I can’t go heavy at all with anything else.

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