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thin foreskin

thin foreskin

hi guys,

I think i have really thin and tight foreskin. when i become erect, i could see the blood vessels on my penis. The question i have is. i’m worried about hanging because of this, ‘cuz i know with hanging, a huge portion of the skin will get stretched and pulled down by the weight - along with the veins i’m assuming.

With such a delicate penis =\ should i worry about hanging and breaking a blood vessel or what? and how much weight should i start out? maybe a .5 to 1 lb weight?

are there any exercises out there to thicken the foreskin
oh yeah forgot to mention that i’m circumsized.

hope to hear from you all soon


>are there any exercises out there to thicken the foreskin
oh yeah forgot to mention that i’m circumsized.<

I’m confused. You have foreskin but you are cut?

Please clarify.


I would assume you mean the skin that covers the penis and not your actual foreskin, because there is a difference.

I can see my veins on my penis pretty clearly and I have just assumed that it was normal. I have never examined any other dick other than mine so I could be wrong. haha

Glober I hang, you should be able to hang start with manual stretching, then move on to hanging low weights. You should be fine.

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Before I was circumcised (bad idea), I stretched with my foreskin. Foreskins are surprisingly resilient…I wouldnt worry about it.

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