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These hanger things are KOOL!

These hanger things are KOOL!

I made a hanger 2 day out of pvc pipe and 1.5 inch foam etc.

It is working really good so far, hopefully i can keep it hiden from my mum.

I am hanging 1.25 kg and it feels ok.

So is this 2 heavy? because it is the smallest weight I have.


p.s. I am a beginer 2 this hanging.

i fogot...

Also what gains do you think I should expect over the next few weeks?

Does hanging alone increase girth? or if no jelqing is done, does it make the penis skinier??

thanks (and sorry for the two posts)

You also forgot...

to read the forums for answers to these and many more future questions. I’m not saying this to be rude or discourage you, but it is simply good advice. In addition to learning about many aspects of PE that you were unaware of, it is quite likely you will learn about many other things as well. How to avoid common pitfalls comes to mind. It’s alot of info and takes time, but it is time well spent. Good luck and happy reading to you. groa

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