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Theraband, Where to buy

Theraband, Where to buy

I know that there are many places that the theraband can be bought online, but I would prefer to buy my theraband from a store. What big name stores sell theraband, the sports stores around me do not seem to carry the theraband. Does wall mart sell theaband?

Most stores dont sell them anymore. The only place you’ll find them is online.

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Try a medical supply store, use the yellow pages. I bought a roll for I think around thirty dollars, it was quite bit, several yards I think.

My suggestion is buying it from

My local Walmart carries the bands just not name brand Theraband. It’s on a shelf with the other exercise stuff like jump ropes and balance balls.

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Thank you guys, I’ll see if my wall mart carries it, hopefully they do, I’d rather not buy it online, otherwise its off to find a medical supply store.

I’m using “Resistance Bands” I found at Sports Authority for an ADS. I’m not sure how similar the bands are to actual theraband, but they seem to be working fine.

A pack of 3 bands was $10.

I don’t even use Theraband. For hanging, I just use a combination of fabric.

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