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Theraband Advice?

Theraband Advice?

I have tried to change my wrapping material from bandage that is flexible to theraband only.
I didn’t give theraband a deserved try out when I first started and I want to give it another go.

Problem is when I wrap with the therabanb I just can’t get it to work. I mean I don’t even get to putting the Bib on.

I know the purpose of wrapping is to try and draft or get lose skin behind the hanger before attaching the weight.

Now what I want to know is how do hangers who use theraband only get it to stay in place (nice and snug) while they continue wrapping around?

When I wrap with my bandage I can pull it snug and hold it at the tension and continue wrapping but the therabanb seems to have a mind of it own.

When attaching the hanger (bandage material) I can stop tightening top bolt and actually pull the remaining skin that is caught in the hanger backwards and simultaneously tug the head out a little. This way I believe I am really gripping the internals.

Is theraband hard to get used to. It seems to me just to jump all over the place when I try to wrap with it.

Does any hanger have some advice?


Have you read the wrapping diagrams thread?

I like to use an underwrap with thera. Stretch out, and put one end of the wrap on the underside, and hold it there with your little and ring fingers, then wrap round over that, do not spiral until you have done one or two straight wraps. This should help.


Was the other wrap…the bandage stuff …you didnt describe it …no name brand…was it working? If so, I say why mess with Theraband? Personally I never liked the stuff. It’s rubbery…too hard to wrap with in my opinion. You cant use it alone as your only wrap either. Plus you need a piece of tape to secure it. I use something called Ace Wrap. Thats the brand name. It comes in a clear package…also comes in boxes but, dont buy that…it’s not the right type. It adheres to itself, you can buy it anywhere…usually near the pharmacy or sporting goods. It’s durable…and oh so easy to wrap with. Provides plenty of cushioning and you dont need much of it. Fairly cheap too. Ace Wrap is the ONLY material I wrap with. Nothing under or over it. It grips the hanger just as well probably better than Theraband.

Yes I have read the wrapping diagram thread. I stall go over it again. Maybe I missed out some details previously. Thanks for your advice.

My bandage wrap is called Handy BSN medical Handycrepe. Its 5cm wide. My wrap length is 1095mm long. I’m attempting to cut back slowly. The Bandage wrap works but I’m after something else for experimentation purposes.

I have looked around where I live and can’t find anything called ACE WRAp. The only wrap I have fouind that sticks to itself here is CO Plus. It is the Aussie equiliant Of CO FLEX. I got a packet of CO FLEX when I purchased the grip from the Grip System in Florida.

I have tried the CO PlUS as wrapping with the Bib but it doesn’t work for me and I found that regardless of what the manufacture reckons the wrap still does have a tendency to stick on the skin.

Is this like Your Ace wrap you use and are or aren’t you recommending it?
I’d like to try some Ace wrap. Can you give my the manufactures details so I can try and hunt them down thanks. And thanks for your response.


That sounds mildly similar although I dont know what the Co Plus looks like. The Ace Wrap I use does stick mildly to my skin. No big deal. Not like it hurts or anything. Here’s what I’m talking about:…d=0&tid=0&pid=3

Straight from their website. Sorry, wasnt aware you are in Australia. That’s probably why you might be having a challenge aquiring the stuff.. I highly recommend it myself. Like I say, it’s what I wrap with. It serves a dual purpose. It provides wrapping to gather up the skin and prevent pinching and, it provides cushioning. Because it’s self adhesive there’s no need for additional tape or clips to secure it.


Thanks for the reply. I’ll go and have a look.



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