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I checked the link on your site for Thera-Band. I didn’t realize there were so many types. I would like to order some for the discoloration/girth wrapping and hanging at a later date. Any recommendations on which type/types I should start out with?


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Get the shortest roll of silver they have. Check and make sure it is 6 inches wide. I think the shortest roll is 6 feet. That should be plenty.


Thunder, Ihave been experimenting with wraps as of late and am also considering the theraband. Weekend now, so most local “potential retailers” I called are not doing business. When you get the silver, I’d appreciate any description of it in terms of analogy. Common household items, IOW. Yellow dishwashing gloves, Ace bandages, etc. Guessing the silver is quite thick by the described use and likely a bit harder to stretch while wrapping. Considering my difficulty wrapping flaccid and the resultant propensity to wrap while erect, I seriously wonder if a lower strength color might suit me better. Might be better in the sense that I can get a slight contracting of the wrap while subsiding to compensate. Bib, if you see this, I let out the bottom screws 1/4 inch and tried the elastic over the soft (rubber and on occasion, Ace), both alleviated the “tuck” on top to a certain extent. In any case, I can see the potential value of a solid arbor around the shaft as opposed to a alot of cushion. Still like the skin management of the Mueller underneath, so it will probably be a two-part with theraband, unless the theraband can actually serve both purposes and is kind to the skin. Thanx, guys. groa edit- Anyone ever hear of using a bicycle innertube. Bought one at Meijer today for two bucks…it’s cheap and stretchy when cut, but haven’t tried it yet.

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The silver Thera is elastic. More elastic than an innertube. But not as tough. The black Thera is good. I would not go lighter than that.

If you use the Thera next to the skin, be sure to coat it with baby powder. Took me a long time to figure this out. Stupid me.

The Thera comes with powder on it. In a day or so, it comes off. A new piece was always very comfortable. Then in a few days, not so. Turned out it was the powder.

Use the powder with only talc. No corn starch.

On the wrap. Just make sure whatever you attach the hanger to is solid. Not at alll springy. You do not need anymore cushion than what is on the already on the hanger.


Yeah, I get the point now. I saw a thread on the EZ and somewhere P8 mentioned using less wrap. I tried it with various materials and they all work pretty well, though I’ll probably try the theraband. Seems like it might have a more “even”” stretch compared to Ace. I was always afraid of to much hanger and not enough wrap…actually, less turned out to be more in this case. I can hang with a minimal amount of blood in the head and less slippage. The heavier hang is much nicer with less blood, amazing what difference a few pounds can make in comfort with respect to wraps. I’m new to the less appoach to wrapping, but it does seem to have a beneficial effect on circulation, which actually surprised me some. Innertube sucked…but I did use it to make some nifty little band ties for rope and extension cords around my place. groa


I must have said it a million times and it is in the product guide about using the minimum amount of wrap that allows you to have adjustment capability. Some guys do have to wrap a little more to get the girth needed. But in general less is much better.

Please pass it on. Shout it from the rooftops. Whatever.

Do you think others do not heed my words or what?


Hard to say...

Most folks probably print out the site instructions much like myself and read. It’s the learning curve with the hanger that throws things off a bit. Very early in the game, I tried alot less wrap and it hurt like hell! In retrospect, I didn’t know what I was doing in general with the hanger or wrap. Now, my proficiency at wrapping and postioning in the hanger has increased to a point where I can get a satisfactory wrap with several different materials/combinations. Essentially, as the learning curve accelerates one gets better at the whole process. Part of it, like I said, is fear of clamping such a device tight to ones dick with little protection. Silly, but true and once the overwrapping habit sets in, it seems to prevail. Last hang, I found a ridiculously small amount of Ace with an underwrap of thin Mueller to be unexpectedly comfy with two dimes on the hook. Ordered and am looking forward to the thera (silver and black/minimal order thing) and powder idea, which should be a single wrap. BTW, to ? elsewhere, less wrap does not pinch up in top gap and require packing. Perhaps a diagnostic question to ask troubled hangers? It may, in some cases, be indicative of overwrapping. groa

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