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the wench as an ADS

the wench as an ADS

I just made my wench into an ADS and I had some problems with circulation. Should I start with one rubber band, cause I used 2 and it gave a pretty nice stretch, I just wish I could have kept it on longer. FOr a wrap I’ve been using a sock. It’s about 8 inches long. Mabey I should try to secure the wench at the base more. Can I use the big cable clamp to secure it instead of the cable tie. I got the ones that I can;t get apart. The guy said stick a pin in them to relaease them but it don’t work. Help me I need a big dick. When Should I use the ADS also.

The King-
If you are having circulation problems the first thing to consider is the amount of tension (too much stretches veins and capillaries to the point where no blood can pass through them). The second thing to consider is how tight you have the Wench. The third thing to consider is your wrap. The fourth thing to consider is blaming your congressman.

Consider trimming down the size of your Wench. Cut the 10” length down to 7” or 8” (I Peg Leg with a 6” Wench) and trim all of the 2” dimensions down by a half inch (it is possible to go even smaller).

These modifications will help give you more control over how tight you can make the Wench , make it more stealth, and make whatever clamping mechanism you use only more effective (a cable clamp will almost certainly reveal itself through pants).

Although you can use anything from a wrist watch band to a hose clamp to secure the Wench, seriously make an attempt to find releasable wire-ties. Tell the yahoo that sold you the unreleasable ones that Captn Hook is upset with him.

Try to post any questions and/or bad jokes about the Wench ADS here in this thread:
The Captn’s Wench Amazing ADS

Ten four Good Buddy,

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