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The Wallyhanger: work in progress

The Wallyhanger: work in progress

The Wallyhanger: thinking of a simple yet effective construction

Greetings my fellow PE brothers.

Since I’ve been doing my newbie-routine for two and a half months now, I am planning for my future PE activities. One thing I definitly want to try is hanging. Great for length gains as I’ve read, but due to the equipment needed somewhat costlier. So I was thinking about a do-it-yourself hanger, built from thigns I would find around the house. Here’s the prototype.

What I found and deemed usefull:

  • A simple belt with two rings for the closing mechanism
  • A soft protection bag originally intended for keeping my sunglasses in it
  • Two snap hooks
  • Several weight discs belonging to my dumb bells
  • Some string for attaching the weight discs

Look at picture #1 , it shows all the stuff I used.

How I built the hanger

- First, I locked the belt as shown in picture #2. It’s just putting the end of the belt through both rings.
- Now I turned the end around and put it through the first belt again. This is shown in picture #3. It allows for first regulating the tightness of the belt and locking it on the preferred/needed tightness afterwards. The picture shows which part of the belt to pull in order to do so. Well, you will know as soon as you try this for yourself, it’s really simple.
- Now I clipped those snap hooks to the round shape formed by the belt. There’s one eyelet where the rings are attached to the belt itself; I attached one hook there. The other one could just be placed on the main ring itself. (See picture #4.)
- The next part is just for demonstration and should only be done after attaching the hanger as it was prepared in step 3. Well, obviously the strings are for supporting the weight discs. I attached them to the hooks in the way shown in picture 5. This is just one possibility, however. One could also make two separate knots (one for every hook). It’s just a question of taste or what fits best for you.

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Et... la nuit se continue. C\'est vrai. Elle est complètement dechirée - ma tête.

The last picture hows the hanger fully assembeld (picture #6).

Applying the hanger
This required some experimentation. First thing to do is: wrap your shaft in a protective layer. Most of you hangers use theraband as i’ve read. I don’t have any around the house right now, so I just took some cloth bag where I normally kept one of my many sunglasses. Well, it does the job. No pain from tight belt-fixing or the hooks occured.
However, fixing the belt in the proper way turned out to be a bit complicated. At first, I wanted to fix it directly underneath my glans. This didn’t work because the whole hanger just slipped of my dick as soon as I attached the weights.
The solution finally was to lay my dick on a flat surface (I just squatted a little bit over the table) and to attach it in the middle of the shaft and to pull the belt really tightly.
I tested it for ten minutes with 2 x 0.5kg = 1kg total mass. Supporting this was not a problem and I could even walk around with it.

Problem: A load of 2 x 1.25kg = 2.25 kg was too high. The hanger would not stay in place but slowly slip over my glans and fall of. The problem is the belt which was way to loose for 2.5 kg. Sadly, I could not tighten it enough to support this mass.

I am looking for a solution for higher loads right now. The low-load test, however, was better than I could have hoped. Ten minutes without pain/numbness or darker color on the glans passed.

Comments from your side? Suggestions? Does this look safe to do to you?

Remember that his is work in progress. The Wallyhanger is not finished yet. I am now looking for a tighter belt or belt replacement. I was thinking of these little strips you clip your skies together with when you carry them around with your hands. Unfortunately I don’t have any of them right now or I would have tested them already.


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Et... la nuit se continue. C\'est vrai. Elle est complètement dechirée - ma tête.

Why don’t you try vacum hanger, it’s safe, comfort, efective and able to hang up to 10 lbs?

I do vacuum hanging 3 times a day 30 minutes and my dick is always warm and pink and never numb at the end of the session. Much much better than either bib hanger or sell fmade stuff I also tried with only moderate success. Remember that with a bib hanger one should be able to go up to 20 to 60 pounds so your construction wally is not as promising as you might think. Trust triast - go with the vac hanger

Later - ttt

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