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The Next Day


The Next Day

I have been hanging mostly 2 on 1 off. I have tried to move to the next level of 3 on 1 off but on the third day I can not hang close to the weight I did on the first. My question to anyone who can give me advice on this topic is should I back off and continue to take that 3rd rest day or push on at a lower weight comfortably to fatigue.

I’d hang with the lower weight. Isn’t working through fatigue where gains come from?

By all means hang while fatigued. Bib makes a good case that it is during fatigue that growth happens, and taking full advantage of it is the whole point of hanging.
You by now must know your current maximum weight. Use half of that weight as a barometer of when to stop hanging: If you cannot hang half your maximum weight either take the day off or switch to a different angle.


Thanks for the advice captn,

I took yesterday off anyway I also have started using the golf weights whenever I have a chance. Now I know I will just hang with about 8 or 10 lbs on the 3rd day. Maybe even 5lbs if necessary.

Great Whome. And keep in mind that even when not doing PE you should be doing PE.
No, I haven’t ingested too much rum - I mean that on those days when you are not actively hanging try to use a low tension ADS, or (one of my favorites) keep your unit traction wrapped.

I can go all day wrapped at a mild flaccid stretch without once having to free my unit. The argument for healing in an extended state is simply too strong, and the potential benefits too great for you not to do this.

Take full advantage of all the hard work you have invested in your unit. It pays big dividends. :)

Excellent advice Cappy.

I traction wrap for as long as possible after each session and my turtle dick is beginning to turn into an ostrich.


How exactly do you traction wrap? Do you use the sam wrap used for hangling, only not as tight? Please forgive me, I tried a search, but the results were too many because it is mentioned in almost every thread.

Which brings up a good question….has anyone effectively used an ADS that does not cut off circulation? I’d be extrememly interested in hearing about this.

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PirateSteve uses the Wench as an ADS and repeatedly said he can go for over six hours with healthy circulation. I should note that he uses no wrap, which I think plays a large role in being able to do this.

I have used the Wench ADS for over three hours at a clip myself. But because I have a lot of freedom I prefer to use that time to hang. So, I have relied on the findings of guys like Pirate and 789 to gauge the Wench’s effectiveness as an ADS.
Also, the Wench ADS these guys use is a hybrid of the original. The outer “male” velcro is substituted with a thinner and less irritating material - and the dimensions of the Wench are scaled down to make it more stealth.

I often like to use traction wrapping when I am out and about. More than just a way of healing while extended I consider it a bona fide ADS.
With practice and good sense anyone can learn how to traction wrap for extended periods of time.
Yesterday, I had jury duty and instead of using the Wench ADS (fear of being strip searched due to my politics) I wore an Ace bandage traction wrap at a pretty good stretched length. I was able to go the entire day in this state without ever thinking about it (except those times I found myself getting aroused being stuck in a room full of hot and frustrated Milfs.

Hello danthemann,

This was going to be my next post, as I have tried the regular wrap and it has been difficult to piss. I am guessing that we haven’t gotten an answer due to it being obvious. I have been wanting to do the all day wrap especially because of my excessive shrinkage recently due to my extended hanging workouts. I started hanging with a home made hanger and have had a better flaccid hang then. Since the BiB my flaccid hang is like it was when I was over working with jelqing, horse (ect). Then the advice in the MMF was to cut back, but I would like to keep goin with the advice from captn lurk and andrew.

Originally Posted by danthemann

How exactly do you traction wrap? Do you use the sam wrap used for hangling, only not as tight? Please forgive me, I tried a search, but the results were too many because it is mentioned in almost every thread.

Nothing to forgive!
OK I use a elasticated sport wrap. The kind that gives support to a damaged join. Its basically like a wide elasticated waist band off your underwear.
I just begin wrapping immediately below the glands and then spiral down to the base and secure with a piece of sticky tape. Nothing fancy at all.
Its tight enough to support my unit but I can still piss with it on. I have worn it up to 4 hours with absolutely perfect circulation.
I can tell when I’ve got it on too tight because after a few minutes I start to get a inflated head due to the blood not being able to return back to the body.


Thank you. About how much should it be stretched? I am about 4in. flaccid and 7.25 bpfsl. Are we talking 5in. or so?


I go for a medium stretch as the goal is to keep it as elongated as possible. If you go for absolute max stretch, I have found that your dick will quickly retract a little and this may be enough to begin to pull it within the wrap and then it will just keeps shrinking inside the wrap.

It really is one of those trial and error type of deals.


I tried it last night. I comfortably wrapped it up at about 5.25in., so it was stretched 1.25 in. I appreciate your help.



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