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The most weight anyone has hung before?


The most weight anyone has hung before?

I hate to say it, but I’m getting very impatient again due to no gains. So I was wondering what is the most weight anyone has hung before. Whether in general or in order to jump start gains, I just don’t know if I should go up in weight anymore. I don’t want to but I really don’t see any other way, I’ve been hanging OTS for a while now at 35 lbs. yet nothing happens. But for the longest time there was an extreme fatigue factor after hanging, which now seems to be fading.

It seems that i’m not getting hardly any fatigue feeling from that position or weight now. Which is hard to believe since it is my tunica that is stopping me dead in my tracks. It’s hard to believe that something in our body not made of bone could be so tough. It seems like my unit is just ready to be about 7 inches, it’s just this dam thing wont release it. Suspensory ligs are ready for expansion so is skin etc.

Please don’t anyone tell me to take a break for deconditioning, tried that too many times. I guess this is my tunica that’s stopping me, it feels like half an extension cord or something. Located a little to the left of the center on top of my unit, it is very irritating. I just can’t see hanging 40 lbs of my unit. Anyway I hang probably about 3 sessions a day in OTS 35 lbs. and 2-3 sessions a day in OTL 25 lbs.

Sometimes I think some people are just cursed with a little dick. The average person who has no knowledge of this stuff would think, oh my god 35 lbs hanging on that? They would assume it would rip the little 5 3/4 thing clean off.

Thanx for any advice

Do you do all sorts of hanging? I myself do SD, SO, OTS, and BTC. The most I’ve ever hung is 15lbs SD. I’ve gotten gains from it so far, but am still in my first month of hanging. Do you have some form of an ADS? If not I would suggest that you use some sort of ADS, even if it’s only for a couple of hours. My routine is 4 days on 1 off. The first day I hang SD for six sets. The first two at 9lbs, the next two at 10lbs, and the last two at 11lbs. The second day I hang SO for six sets at the same weights, the third day I hang OTS for six sets, and the last day I hang BTS for six sets. I follow this with a couple of hours wearing my ADS. Next month I’ll be hanging for 8 sets and increasing the weight, the month after that I’ll be hanging for 10 sets, and increasing the weight once again. The last month on my experiment I’ll be hanging 12 sets a day while increasing the weight again. My suggestion to you is to maybe vary what your doing more. It seems as though you only do OTS and OTL. Try SO and some of the others and if you’re not using an ADS start using one. I hope this helps a little.

We are birds of a feather. After small gains in Oct, Nov, and Dec I plateaued in January. I was up to 26 lbs, hanging SD and BTC. This past month, I’ve been hanging OTL and UTL(22 1/2 lbs) and my flaccid is looking good. I only measure EL at the end of the month, but I’m pretty sure I’ve got some gains.

I am a firm believer in that if you put enough weight for enough time on anything, it will deflect. I hang as much weight as I can, always slowly increasing the poundage, than walking it down during a set if I need to because of fatigue. Usually, my last sets are 10-12 1/2 lbs. Than 2 or 3 of Monty rings for the rest of the day as an ADS. Fuck it, if it takes 40 lbs to stretch this dick out to what I want, fine.

Hasn’t hanging made your base girth increase. I wish I had measured that when I started, but now at close to 6 1/4, it looks great. Actually, I really don’t want much more base girth but if I’ve got to have a fat cock to get a longer one, oh well.

Thanks a lot to both of you,

Lawrence: yeah i’ve varied routines in the past, but with all those other positions I don’t even get the fatigue feeling. As in BTC no fatigue at all, now with SO I can definitely get fatigued it’s just that the bib starts to slide towards glans and it then hurts. Also it is a difficult position to attack set up wise. I wear an ADS to work every morning for 2-3 hours that’s all I can take.

Larry: I feel everything you said, my base girth is about 6 inches due to hanging as to where the rest is about 5 1/2. You guys are lucky to have any gains, even an eighth of an inch is inspiring. It’s a wonder how I keep coming back to PE, after devoting so much time and no results.

I think what makes it so hard to swallow right now is that my tunica gets so fatigued right behind my balls where I believe the tunica is mounted. If I wasn’t experiencing fatigue I would just figure oh I must be doing something wrong. But I always was told and believed fatigue = future gains, shit I mean a lot of days I’m walking around with constant fatigue. Accompanied with a smile on my face inside, but I guess I was wrong maybe they’re not related.


This is a sad story and sadly familiar. I feel your pain, as I have also hanged to some fairly heavy weights with no results.

One potential problem I see with your routine is that you are dividing your precious hanging time between two positions, OTS and OTL. You really aren’t hanging for very many sets. I think you need to focus your efforts on one position only. Either that, or dramatically increase the number of sets you do.

People have suggested to me that I try “dividing and conquering,” by hanging to one side only, for some period of time, before switching over to the other side. The idea is that, if you can isolate a fairly small region of tissue and hit it very hard, you will inevitably stretch it. Do that, and move onto the next one.

Keep dividing and sub-dividing, applying tension to smaller and smaller regions until you get some results. Work on one limiting factor at a time.

You also might want to look into fulcrum hanging. Several guys got no gains at all until they started fulcrum hanging. Check out SS4Jelq’s routine.

In direct answer to your question, the most weight I have ever heard of anyone hanging is Bib, whose max at one time was 45#.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

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35 pounds…..damn :eek: .

My max was 20lbs straight down while standing, for about 8 minutes.

Dude! This is my story!!
I was hanging high weight too without gains. SS4’s progress report helped me to get out of this shit. I summarized it in “hard gainers look here” report, where I show ss4jelqs routine.
It’s with heat, swinging, and pulling, all at same time.

My max weight is now 32 pounds, and I hang 6 sets to 20 min each in the morning, and another 3 sets in evening, without dropping weight .. Maybe, 3 sets a day is not enough for you.

What kind of gains are getting? Which direction(s) are you hanging? How high did your max weight get up to? Are you feeling fatigue without walking your weight up?

Thanx man.

Thanx everybody,
I started hanging SO, Man it’s not a cakewalk I’ll tell you that. It makes me think that in the back of my mind, I probably knew that I should be hanging SO. As to me it is a position that doesn’t beat around the bush, it gets straight to it. It is just difficult to endure for 15 or 20 minutes, unless it’s only meant to be a 10 minute at a time position.

Although I’ve felt this way before with other positions, I think this is the one. Iv’e never felt fatigue like this before, especially immediately after removing the bib. What puzzles me is that with this position it doesn’t seem to stay very fatigued throughout the day. But the initial fatigue feeling is much greater than that of the other positions, and this is occuring with only 15 lbs. As to where I needed 35 lbs with OTS and 25 lbs with OTL.

Now the weird thing to me is, when checking my unit and trying to trace exactly where my tunica is coming from. I always said that it favored my left side considerably, but this dam thing is like its coming from as far left as where my left leg connects to my body. This is so strange to me. If anyone else has realized this about themselves, please respond.

I wonder whether you’re talking about the fundiform ligament, rather than the tunica? The tunica should shoot straight back to your pelvic bones (the ones you sit on).

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Thanks for responding MM,
man I don’t know maybe it is, but I don’t know anything about the fundiform lig. Can you or somebody out there describe them or it to me? That would probably explain a few things, (why my unit aims to the left, why I can’t gain shit until this is taken care of, why OTS does nothing for me.)

I’m starting to get brainstorms now. You know what, when I was a kid they did surgery on my left side of my unit. Approx one inch away from my unit there is a diagonal cut, where the doctors cut me open in order to force the left testicle down where it belongs. So do you think they cut these ligs you are talking about, and they came back tougher and stronger. I kid not when I say it feels like an extension cord pulling right there.

This to me explains why after hanging a lot in SO, it feels like stiffness or soreness when I take steps. This is crazy, I was just saying in another thread how it seems like my unit is ready to be like 7 inches but this dam thing won’t release it. These dr’s really must of screwed up me and my length, with this thing pulling my whole life it probably kept it from growing to potential.

What a fu#%in limiting factor, just great :furious:

Here’s a nice drawing of the ligs:


I’m not aware that surgeons cut any of the ligs to allow a testicle to descend. It might be worth your while to search the web to find the surgical procedure for such things.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

You know, I was reading some old threads and I saw that diagram but what I’m feeling is not shown on there. There was a thread by Machtenx called “Correlations between lig lengths and curvature” and on this thread Momento gave him two diagrams and that was one of them. But on the other diagram was what I think I’m feeling, maybe you could check it out for me, as I don’t know how to do a link.

But on this diagram I think it’s called the crus of the penis or crus of the corpora caversnosa, it’s where like the CC connects to the inner side of the pelvis. From the looks of it that is what’s pulling so strong on that side. But in my mind I just can’t figure out if I can some how get past this limiting factor, will it continue to stop me or once it’s out the way I’ll be good to go.

It must be the latter, because if it wouldn’t stop me after that it seems like I would have been able to gain regardless of it after all this time.

I’ll explain it a little better, it’s like it runs the complete length of the shaft from glans to base and mounts on some bone. When I hang you can see that the head always aims slightly to the left, this in part is why I assumed all this time it was the tunica. But now that I’ve seen some good diagrams the tunica looks to be much thicker than this thing is. When I say it is about as thick as an extension cord that is while flaccid. But it can’t be seen or felt all the way towards the glans probably within the first inch from the base. Thanx so much for your help

If you can’t find that other diagram, maybe you can tell me how to link and I’ll do it.

T-Rex, I’ve been away and haven’t brushed up on everything but turn the attitude around, be more positive. Each time you verbally accept defeat your mind hones in and makes it happen. You ONLY get what your mind sees. Try different approaches like some good jelqs to enhance blood flow in between sets, some BTB jelqing with moderate stretching applied, some basic JAI downward stretching when your not hanging, just use your imagination and get past the setback, everyone has them.

When I was hanging for hours a day on a daily basis, it took a day or two of sensible productive jelqing to bring any gains achieved to “life”. Hanging is a great tool, but not the only tool, I think we all to easy write off the beginning gains form jelqing as “lucky newbie gains”, but I do believe one can receive all the gains desired with just the hands and a little imagination and desire.

I hope it gets better for you.


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