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The Grip v.s. Malebridge...

The Grip v.s. Malebridge...

Hi guys.
Im trying to figure out the difference between the two. Dont say there the same, because the grip system has so many different parts to it. I understand the malebridge for the most part, but with thegrip, there are many different sleeves, and sheaths.

What are the “hourglass” sheaths for? What about the g-flex sleeves that look like a condom?

When I look at a malebridge hanger, it looks like a simple tube like usual. The picture of the grip system, looks complex, with a bunch of goodies inside the tube. what is all that stuff?

Maybe some guys who use either of them can chime in.

Thanks.? :(

here is a pic of the grip where i am confused.…g_vacugrip.jpg

I prefer not to spend any money. Make yourself a good hanger and get to work. If you wanted to save yourself some time and sweat, I would suggest buying a Bib. They are quality hangers with all the support you need on the forums. I bought two just because of lack of materials to build one my self in Japan. I finally did build a number of hangers on my own- just the way I like and I am very satisfied. I am sorry I can not offer any advice on your topic, but I don’t know about using suction at really heavy weights. Good luck.

Some guys lift weights, I hang 'em!

The grip is great

The grip is a nice piece of equipment, I own a grip plus a bib and a noose style extender. Of the three I prefer the grip. It’s actually very simple to use. I myself don’t use all the “goodies” that come with it. The sheaths that look like condoms are good to use when starting out to help avoid blisters (common with all vac devices). I don’t use the sheaths anymore. If you look at the grips website ( and look under “replacement products” the first image is of vacu grip chamber. The “hourglass” sleeve is pictured on the chamber (it’s black in the photo, the ones they sell now are aqua marine color). Heres how they suggest you use it: first roll some ace bandage around and over the head of your penis, then roll down one of the gflex sleeves (the ones that look like condoms, they help with fluid buildup as a result of the vaccuum). After the gflex sleeve is on then grab the vacu grip chamber and fold the rubber hourglass sleeve back so you can insert your head into the chamber, once inside pull the hourglass sheath onto the penis, this creates the seal. Next you use a pump to suck out the remaining air in the chamber and create a suction. Then hang. It’s good for about 15 lbs. But then again so are most hangers before they become pretty uncomfortable.

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I took some pictures of how I use my grip, ill explain it and you can see how I do each step by refering to the picture below, if the picture does not show then please click the highlighted link or copy and paste it.

In step one- I wrap the head with ace type bandage, only the head. After this I apply a small amount of baby powder to everything.

In step two- I fold the “hourglass sheath” over the “vacu grip chamber” so that I can insert my head all the way in, I connect the hand pump and pump until it sucks my head all the way in (this step can be skipped if your head is smaller than the I.D. Of the chamber, in my case they are almost identical.) The baby powder makes everything slide in easily.

In step three- I pull the hourglass sheath over my shaft and starting with 0 pressure in the chamber I pump up to 10 in. Hg, this is slightly more than they reccommend but it works for me.

In step four- I wrap saran wrap around the chamber and hourglass sheath thereby increasing the strength of the hourglass sheath, I then use two velcro zip tyes to hold it all together. (This step simply helps when I want to hang 10 or more lbs. Or when the hourglass sheaths start to get old, this step will also help keep your hourglass sheaths from getting stretched out too quickly)

In step five- I hang, this system is comfortable for me up to about 15-17 lbs but could hang more.

WARNING: This method should be attempted in moderation at first and with LOW weight. Because you cannot monitor your glans while hanging this way it is easy to develop blisters (my method bypasses the use of the grips “g-flex” sleeve because I don’t like them. They are used to help prevent fluid build up in the glans) I have acquired many blisters trying this method too fast, I am finally able to do this method successfully and comfortably without blisters but it took a few monthes to get completely used to it. GO SLOW..

Click the link below or copy and paste it to your browser.once there click “large” to view the photo large.

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Mick Dangle:

Where do you feel the stretch with this method? In the shaft? Support ligaments?

Heres the attachment.

Sorry, heres the pic for the above post.

mickdangle dick pics

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Originally Posted by locoloco

Mick Dangle:

Where do you feel the stretch with this method? In the shaft? Support ligaments?

Mainly I feel the stretch in the ligaments, just hanging sitting in the edge of my chair I can get a good soreness in my ligaments after hanging for about an hour with about 15 lbs., if I lower the weight to about 8 lbs. And stand up and swing in circles for about 20 minutes it seems to have a similar effect as well. I also have been noticing in the last week or so that I am developing small stretch marks all over my shaft. This makes me very excited because as we all know, stretch marks come from your body growing and the surface skin having a hard time keeping up with the growth.hopefully they will keep developing, I welcome any physical changes that represent progress.

I’ve also heard that stretch marks can hinder the elastic quality of the skin. Has anyone else heard of this?

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