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The Fulcrum Device Concept


No idea if it would work but it looks pretty cool :)

You sure do have some talent when it comes to designing mate! :) . Keep up the great work. However I don’t think the adjustable angle model will work too well. Imho there shouldn’t be a gap between the “Sac Divot” and the “Schlong Channel”. It will place too much pressure at the point where the penis meets the starting point of the Schlong Channel and would make things quite uncomfortable. Ofcourse I don’t know much about hanging or PE devices, so I could be totally wrong :)

Cheers, Good luck and hope this works out a success.

I’ll buy one when you are ready :)

Neat images.

Personal opinion: I don’t like the design. I’ve considered cobbling together a fulcrum hanging stand, and I think one would be useful. Your design seems to be aiming to solve some problems that don’t exist and introducing others.

Pressure in the ‘taint is hard on the pudendal nerve. Newer bicycle seats are designed to avoid that area. I sure wouldn’t want a PE device meant to be used for hours each day pressing there.

My biggest problem hanging fulcrum was the rod pressing in against my nut cords. That is the main reason a stand would be better than a rod on the lap. Something like a slingshot would do the trick. You’d need adjustable height. To make it fancy an adjustable diameter or radius would be nice. For example, you could hang over the equivalent of a 1/2”, 3/4” or whatever diameter rod. The fulcrum point needs some padding.

The groove you have for the CS would probably do more harm than good as far as comfort is concerned. The penis lays out flat over a rod, similar to a deflated fire hose.

The penis doesn’t need support beyond the “fulcrum” area. The edge of any extra support structure would likely press in and cause discomfort.

The best thing to do is make a prototype and try it. Any major problems will quickly become apparent.

Better to add a rubber courting between the hinges to make it smoother. Good work keep it up.


Wauw, there are some real inventive minds on this site.

I don’t understand the anchoring of the penis to the weight. As we sit most guys use a Bib hanger or a wench and for either of those you would need some relief to get a straight pull. I like the idea of the hinge that would stretch the middle ligament section but I doubt if there is enough room for a hanger attachment to sit on top of the tongue which would be very uncomfortable.. If the base plate were allowed to pivot on the chair or what have you then it would extend the stretch to the ligs nearer the pelvis. It does create an interesting starting angle for a fulcrum lever as the shaft is being held at a more normal erect angel.

Keep working


09-2003 BPEL:6.0x5.5

11-2004 BPEL:8.25x6.25 . . 9+ by Spring is the goal AIR CLAMP

Now BPEL:8 5/8 x 6 5/8 PE Weights

Veesel you are definately onto something!I have an idea but how to explain it is a problem.I have auto cad and could create an drawing for you but auto cad is the only program that will open an auto cad drawing unfortunately.but in a nut shell where your camber is on your new design,how bout the top half having a curved tongue that would slide into the bottom half as it was rotated back toward your body.this would provide the costant support your looking for and would also illiminate the chance of pinching unless you adjusted it back toward you with your johnny in it already.I’m sorry I can’t explain it better.but I think it would seem intelligent you may understand what I mean just from my description.if anybody has a suggestion how I could draw up what I mean and post it id appreciate it as I’m no bodies computer guru !


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