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The elusive fatigue

The elusive fatigue

I have been hanging for about 3 months now with a bib. After initial problems with wrapping and configurations i have it down now. The problem is that I never get fatigue, even BTC at 13lb. I have hung for up to 4 hours in one evening and still never get there.

I thought that gains are meant to come from being in a fatigued state, if this is the case, i have no chance.

Im not sure what to do. Bib, can you suggest anything? I have tried adding another 1.25 kg (2.75lb) weight to the stack, but It makes me break into a sweat and I feel sick (weird huh). One time i tried to get through this, but after 5 mins I did actually puke up.

Re: The elusive fatigue

Originally posted by Zol
I have tried adding another 1.25 kg (2.75lb) weight to the stack, but It makes me break into a sweat and I feel sick (weird huh). One time i tried to get through this, but after 5 mins I did actually puke up.

Sounds like you had a vasovagal reaction. Some people vomit when their blood pressure drops during an episode like that. It can be caused by position, stress or by unconsciously doing a Valsalva maneuver while straining against the pull on the hanger.

I’m not a hanger (yet), so I can’t give very good advice, but I’d suggest a slow approach to increased weight and make sure you are drinking lots of water to help keep your blood volume up. And try not to hold your breath or strain against the hanger which could cause a vasovagal reaction.

Some guys don’t feel much fatigue from hanging, yet still gain.

Do you hang many days in a row or take days off between sessions? What is your schedule?

What is your LOT?

Are you gaining from your current routine?

I try to hang 5 days with 2 off when my GF is around. I spend about 2 hours per session, although I have been finding it much harder to give myself the time lately due to coursework so i have been doing about 1hour of stretches on days when i cant hang.

i have gained 2mm so far

My lot is between 7-8 Not very high. Im know that btc is probably not the most effective way to hang for me, but if I hang any other way, the pressure in the head gets too much. Btc is the most comfortable method for me.

Your LOT may be low enough that the tunica is sharing the load. One thing you can try is doing some inverted V stretches (A stretches) before hanging BTC. This temporarily raises the LOT. My LOT is similar to yours and I noticed much better work on the ligs after pre-stretching the tunica.

If you feel the ligs being hit harder after this, it’s a sign you should switch positions and spend your time working the upper angles. You could try fulcrum hanging. Since the foreshaft is in basically the same position as in downward hanging, it doesn’t cause the slipping issues common with SO or OTS.


Don’t try to push raising the weight. Only do what you can do at a given time. But when you simply cannot hang at a certain weight, that is one condition of fatigue.

When you are certain you are no longer gaining BTC, then do as hobby said and switch to the upper angles.

Also, you appear to have a setup that you like. But continue to try and find more comfortable wrapping configurations and hanger settings. Even a little change can make a big difference, good or bad.


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