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The different hanging positions

The different hanging positions

I have a question concerning the several different hanging postions done with the Bib Hanger or any hanger really.

Does the postions have to be switched equally? What i mean by this is will too much ots make the dick too out of sync looking or growing?

Will overdoing a certain hanging postion hinder gains in general the other ways? Like make it harder to do otl or btc?

Is there a needed rotation between the postions for best growth?

Does having tough ligs lend a harder time with any of the exercises? Or for that matter loose ligs then?

From what i have read it seems that BTC is the best stressor for length or fastest catalyst for change. But i really have not seen too much work written about the other areas.

Thanks in advance! TT

So no one has explored this topic before? I was hoping to get feedback on people tayloring their hanging to get a specific goal. Like 50% of btc, 25% of ots, etc…. And how to correct problems expressed in hanging these ways. Thanks! TT

Sorry Bib! My fault! Thanks!TT

I looked over the links you posted.

Read each one, and almost all questions were answered.

Used a search for hanging positions and found some more too.

Sorry to be a pain in the ass! TT

Some interesting facts taken from the Bib Hanger web site that I felt would be relevent:

“After hanging for several months, a good stress is to hang under each leg, over the side edge of the chair while seated in an almost BTC position. This greatly stresses each SIDE of the ligament bundle, dividing and conquering. Then, a normal BTC hang will stress the MIDDLE of the bundle. The sides are already longer from the side stretch. So the middle then has to take the load. This is just one example.”

“So when hanging straight down or BTC, the tunica may not be affected at all, taking none of the stress. Only the ligaments. Now, as the angle rises, say to hanging straight out, the ligaments take less and less stress and the tunica takes more and more stress. So then when hanging straight up (over the shoulder), most (if not all) will have all the stress on the tunica and the anchor points within the body, and none on the ligaments. Further, hanging over the legs will stress the sides of the tunica, and the anchor points within the body on each side.”

“If you are very sore in the pubic bone area (the ligaments), it is time to work on the tunica and anchor points. This means over the shoulder and legs or straight out, 90 degrees from the body. If the tunica (shaft) and area above the testicles is sore, it is time for straight down or BTC.”

I have posted these quotes in response to my own questioning hoping that it MAY guide or answer some other questions another hanger or potential hanger may have about the different positions.

Hope it helps! TT

very usefull info !

I want to focalise on the stretch of my tunica and the anchor point , you say that there must be a 90° angle with the body for that , isn’t it ?

What is “over the shoulder” and “over legs” ? ( Could you detailled me that )

Are you having some different tech for tunica stretch with hanger for me ?

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