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The Best Hanging Routine Ever


Thanks Hook. Proud to be on board with you guys.
I am about 6x5.25 right now and I am looking for
7x6. If I hit that, I may try for 8x6.5. I don’t know
if I have “officially” made any gains yet, but is sure does
look bigger flacid. I am also using the golf weights which I
am sure are helping the flacid hang. I also have set the 31
as a measuring day. Looking forward to it.


Keep working, keep learning


Originally Posted by CaptnHook
To my surprise, even though the 7.5 lbs felt “easy” in the beginning I was able to go for 20 mins and experience what I now recognize as “fatigue: the real thing”…

I’m certain now that I have had the whole “pain vs fatigue” concept mixed up…

My “fatigue” was setting in too early, almost from the beginning of any set using 10lbs. With 7.5lbs fatigue is a gradual sense that the weight is no longer bearable but allows me to hang the same weight for the same duration for more sets - until of course, it becomes unpalatable to do so- and I have to lower the weight.

I found another nugget.
I like to review old threads and pull out some information that I didn’t understand earlier in my hanging career.
As I have written before, I have been using heavier weights while hanging. I drop the weight in succession of my sets, and I noticed something similar to what Cap is talking about. I’m stubborn when it comes to realizing the importance of such things. I’ll explain how:

A typical hanging session for me is a couple of sets of 23 lbs, a couple at 20 lbs, and then a few sets at 15 lbs. The last sets at 15 lbs give me a deep, internal, ache after a couple of minutes into the sets. I interpret that as the much sought after fatigue.

Here’s the odd part. I had always thought I was simply building up to the point of fatigue. Now, however, I’m starting to believe that the reason I get fatigue at 15 lbs. is from being able to relax my entire body while hanging. Those of you who have hung heavy weights understand what it feels like with 20+ lbs hanging off your penis. Your entire body tenses up, you’re subconsciously doing a Kegel.

Fifteen pounds, for me, feels light. I can lay back and relax. Allowing for more tension placed directly on the penis-supporting ligs, rather than my other muscles (abdominal maybe?) taking the stress.

Perhaps too many sets at my max is hindering gains. But it’s so difficult not to do the heavy weight. It just feels that it would equal more gains. The debate between time vs. weight is well-trod, but it still important to raise this issue to show other hangers the best way to hang efficiently for results. Plus, this thread gives a great example of the nuts and bolts of fatigue.

Originally Posted by CaptnHook
Stop laughing!
While hanging last night I tried to pass the time by watching television. The cable station “Comedy Central” was running a new a feature called “Windy City Heat”, a little reality-prank flick about this incredibly pathetic character who is duped by ‘friends’ into believing he is making a feature film.

That was funny shit, man. I loved it when his “friends” kept interrupting his audition.

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