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That elusive 1/4"

That elusive 1/4"

My short term goal, right now, is to be a full 7” NBPEL on a regular basis. I’ve been there on multiple occasions when I have super erection (the kind you during sex or balooning). Still, when I get an everyday erection, I seem to stop at 6 3/4” NPBEL. I know some here will say I don’t hang enough (1/2 hour, three times per week), but that approach took me from 6 1/2” to 6 3/4”, or maybe it was just the hanging, itself. Besides, 1/2 hour, three times per week is all my schedule will allow. I’m currently hanging eight pounds and thinking of increasing it. Any thoughts?

BTW, what is a good hanging maintenance program?


Growth rate various from each guy, but the more you hang the faster the growth. Since you’re doing 1.5 hours per week compared to most guys that do 10 hours per week your gains will come 85% slower and that needs to be factored in. Gaining size at lower amounts of weight is more desirable.

Switch to manual exercises or hang a bit more.

That’s wild.. I can’t believe you gained from hanging that little.

Was there other PE involved? Manual stretches, piss pulls, jelqs?

8 lbs or 80 lbs.. doesn’t matter. Don’t increase arbitrarily, go by feeling and what generates fatigue.

Sounds like you’re on the hanging maintenance program, buddy.


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