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Thank You Cap.


Thank You Cap.

I made my Capt. Wench on Dec 31. and started hanging for the first time on Jan.1st. It felt great. My only problem with the wench is that on my third set, the nylon strap that holds the wieght came off. The sticky back of the velcro lost its sticky. What shoud I do? Thanks.

HI GUY : That seems to be common thing happening , what I did was rivate it on , Hate to have the 12# weight fallon my foot , Im no expert but learning trial & error , Think the WENCH IS GREAT , what size you starting at? Thanks STEEL


Mine has never let loose, but I do worry about it every time I think about it. Steels idea would be a good one, I would just get a needle and thread and sew a few stitches through it if mine ever actually came loose. You know, I washed my webbing down with alcohol and let it dry before I stuck on the Velcro, and then pressed it for a few minutes with a rolling pin. I’m guessing if you did that with a new Velcro piece it would stay on. Also, if you are not using the industrial strength Velcro, the glue is not as strong and so it would certainly need extra support (a rivet or a few stitches).

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You can also put the velcro on both sides of the hanging strap, and then use a slightly longer cylinder so it wraps all the way around the hanging strap. That way the strap is anchored to the cylinder by velcro at four places, providing much more hanging strength. I have the female “loop” kind on one side, and the hook, or male kind on the other side. My cylinder is 11 3/4 inches long — slighly longer than Cap’s original specs. See attached.

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I’m glad to see you made a Wench.
Ditto PirateSteve on never experiencing a slip. Also on using a few stitches for peace of mind.
Ditto Steel on riveting.
Ditto Ike on doubling up on Velcro.
Also, simply driving a few staples through the Velcro and strap using a common desk stapler does the trick (make sure the “open” ends of the staples are on the Velcro side)

Personally I have never worried over this issue at higher weight because of the clamp reinforcing the strap’s hold on the Wench. I wonder: Are you using the Wench without the clamp? How that strap could make it’s way past a locked clamp is beyond me, so I’m thinking you were using it without clamp? That is fine, of course but you might want to use one of the suggestions above. It can’t hurt.

For anyone interested a few more things you can do to avoid this issue are:

Make sure the width of the Velcro strip never exceeds the strap width in size (no over-lap).

Cut the Velcro strips down from 2” in length to 1 3/4” length (this will ensure that the Velcro strip doesn’t ever hang over the Wench cylinder resulting in curling up).

The Velcro sticky backing works best on smoother surfaces, so taking a very hot iron to the two ends of the nylon strap before placing the Velcro strips down increases the hold because you have somewhat flattened the rough texture of the strap.

When attaching the Velcro strips to the strap be sure to really “knead” the two materials together - grind and press them between your thumbs and fingers (with this sticky backing the initial contact is the most important). Then, follow Steve’s idea about a rolling pin or like object.
It also can’t hurt to give things an hour or so to settle before using the Wench.

An idea that Ike came up with is to take a match or a lighter to the “cut” ends of the nylon strap. This nicely melts the loose strands of nylon together and prevents it from ever fraying and unraveling.

Lighting your Wench on fire while it is on your unit is not recommended.


Great ideas thank you for the help. I am going fix my situation as soon as I get back home tonight. My starting size is 7 x 5. A long time ago I jelqed for a little over 4 months with no results. I have been posting on Thunder’s Place for a while now, but I needed to learn more about PE before I started.

I first come upon this site with a closed mind about hanging and after reading all the post I changed my mind.

No, I am not using a cabel cuff because when I went to the hardwear store they only had the large orange size(too big for me), I tried using cheap cabel holders I stole from work, but they did no good.


I use a large cable clamp, and there is no way it would be too big to hold on the wench - unless you are less than about an inch in flaccid girth. Yes, it will have a bigger gap top and bottom. But it will crank down on the sides where it is needed. If all you can get is a large clamp, get a large clamp!

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And on top of what Steve says, check out your hardware store for extra large “Releasable Cable Ties” (be sure they are the releasable type). The bigger (meaning wider) size will do a more than adequate job of providing lateral compression as well as preventing strap slippage. Just cut the tie’s length down to a manageable size.

And stop stealing. What are you a pirate?

Pirate, how many clicks do you get using a large clamp and what wrap do you use? What is your erect girth?

I made a Wench to the original specifications, but I only used it for about 6 sets before my break. At first I got, IIRC, 4 clicks using a medium size cable clamp, then for whatever reason couldn’t get that many again. I was afraid I’d break the clamp pushing it in so hard trying to get another click - which it really needed.

I wrapped with approximately 10” of gray Theraband. My EG is about 4.75” midshaft.

As for the straps coming loose, sew the velcro in place. I intend to do this if/when I use my Wench with heavier weight.

I haven’t tried using a metal hose clamp with the Wench, but my guess is that it would work better than the cable clamps or zip ties. Fine and easy tension adjustment is needed in a hanger. I don’t see that happening with cable clamps or zip ties.


I can barely get the medium clamp on, maybe 2 clicks to as tight as I can get it. Like you, I was afraid of breaking the medium clamp from pushing so hard. When I wrap, I use a 10x2 grey theraband. My erect girth is just over 6, and my flaccid girth is around 5. The large clamp will almost snug up an empty wench. With even a smaller girthed penis, it would have to get plenty tight. And if for some reason it didn’t, just adding a bit more Velcro to the outside surface of the wench would bulk it up and allow a tighter fit. For me, the large size allows me to get it tight without the worries or strains of the medium clamp. I get about 6 or 7 clicks on the large clamp.

I don’t like the hose clamp, it pressures the dorsal nerve. And once during a test my screwdriver slipped off the screw and scratched my penis up good. No further tests of hose clamps followed. The wire tie worries me in a similar manner. You can get the wire tie plenty tight enough with a wire tie tool - a little gun that tightens wire ties. Even the smallest gun will pull a tie up to 50 pounds, plenty to snug a wench for hanging. But again, you just have to be careful with the dorsal nerve and leave a gap somewhere for blood flow. I can fix that, with a modification to the Wench, but why? The cable clamp is supreme. A large one will work, and as far as I am concerned, it is superior to a medium clamp.

I have done some pretty extensive research into alternative clamps. Soon the results will be posted. The short result I can tell you though, nothing beats the cable clamp. Cappy did his research well before he released the Wench, and his suggested materials are indeed the best. They are just not always easy to scrounge up…

"In an honest Service there is thin Commons, low Wages, and hard labour; in this (Piracy), Plenty and Society, Pleasure and Ease, Liberty and Power; and who would not balance Creditor on this side when all the Hazard that is run for it, at worst, is only a sour Look or two at choaking. No, A merry Life and a short one, shall be my Motto."--Bartholomew Roberts

IMO, the adustments on the cable clamps aren’t fine enough. They force you into a position similar to having to choose between size 30 and size 38 jeans. Maybe an AFB with a bolt and wingnut on top could replace the cable clamp.

When using a hanger that gets a good grasp of the internal shaft, several tightenings are required. Put it on and snug it up to slightly uncomfortable. Wait awhile - you’ll find the hanger becomes loose again as your shaft settles into it - then tighten some more. Add a little weight, then tighten even more. And so on, until the proper snugness is reached for the weight being used.

Notched tighteners aren’t good for these adjustments. One click isn’t enough and the next is too much.

Whatever tools you use for PE, avoid sharp screwdrivers around your dick. Nut drivers or sockets are much safer. :)

I usually use a velcro watch band to keep my wench package intact. It doesn’t cinch down as well as a clamp can, but but by putting one end of the band through the plastic loop and tugging I can get the sucka pretty tight.

>Notched tighteners aren’t good for these adjustments. One click isn’t enough and the next is too much.<

Your point - indeed this thread - is a worthwhile one. But at the risk of repeating myself about how I’ve come to resolve this issue I offer this post from the Wench thread.
- CaptnHook - The Captn’s Wench: PE Device

Beyond that I will say that Steve is right- I looked long and hard at this issue and concluded that as a home-brew device the cable clamp best meets the mark for so many reasons: Ease of use, strength, accessibility, affordability, an elliptical shape when tightened down - just to name a few.

To date, I have used the Wench as shown in the original thread and have not experienced any problem that was insurmountable. And any complication I view as no more than par for the course given the myriad and often debilitating problems I have experienced with other devices.
In fact, most of my time spent wrestling with other devices has only strengthened my conviction that the Wench, due to it’s malleable design and material makeup is one of the best PE devices to date, with a promise to get even better.

I’ve done enough hanging to know that a single hanger setting doesn’t grasp the same every day over the long haul. Prior posts in this forum say the same, and so will Bib.

There are long-term, day to day, and even set to set differences in shaft diameter and therefore in the required tightness of a hanger.

You suggest that we can fine tune the wrap thickness to find a sweet spot between the wrap diameter and the coarse increments of the cable clamp. I disagree. It isn’t as simple as adopting x wrap and y hanger spacing and then using those values effectively every set, every day. It doesn’t work like that.

Some days your shaft is more engorged than others. Wraps wear or aren’t placed exactly the same in every instance. I can’t imagine tightening the wingnut on a screw-down hanger to the exact same position every hanging session and expecting a good hang each time.

You can get by using very light weight with limited adjustability. Same goes if your skin is taking the some of the load.

I’m not knocking the Wench. It’s a good idea. Hell, I made one. :) Even though I haven’t used it much yet, I think it has excellent potential as an ADS and as a light duty hanger. The rough adjustments of the cable clamp will not allow it to grip the shaft effectively for heavier hanging. If you want to improve the design, consider using a different clamping method. IMO, it is the weakest link.

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