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Thank You Cap.


No clamp at 12lbs. That is excellent stuff Ike. Really. I am regularly hanging 12.5 - 15 lbs with the Wench these days and feel the need for the clamp at all times. But I’m only using a 10” strip of Theraband as a wrap. Maybe adding the No Hurt tape will make a difference.

If I’m not mistaken it looks as if the pic of your Wench shows a shorter cylinder— is this the 1 1/2” version Wench? If so, how do you like it - what difference does it make for you?

I have totally neglected to look into the “No-Hurt” tape but keep meaning to. That makes two things to pick up at the drug store. Three if you count the bubble-gum.

Yes, that pic of the Wench I posted is the trimmed 1 1/2” wide Wench. It is more comfortable for me because I can set the Wench a little further from my glans. Then when I load on weight the edge of the cylinder doesn’t dig into my glans. Also, I can grip the wench better when I’m putting it on, so I can really squeeze the grippers into the wrap like I was describing earlier.

However, with the trimmed Wench it is essential to put velcro on both sides of the hanging strap, and also to use a longer cylinder so the cylinder wraps completely around the hanging strap anchors (as I have in that picture). The thinner cylinder doesn’t give the velcro on the hanging straps enough attachment surface, so the straps need to be secured better.

Damn. You’re up late.

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