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Temporary BPEL gains


Temporary BPEL gains

Hey Hangers. I’ve been hanging for almost 2 years now. With my setup, I found a groove that I’m happy with. I worked all the up to 20lbs SD and BTC, but at times its just too much. I’ve settled back down to 10lbs so that I can do more, longer sets with less stress to my gland area. At 10 lbs, I really feel like my penis is relaxed and elongating. At 20 lbs it feels like its tense and trying to retract (if that makes sense). Anyway, long story short, I start every day at 8in BPFSL and end on my routine at 8.5bpfsl. I’m just not getting any gains. I’m stuck. Where should I go with this? Currently my rountine looks like this

Set 1 - 10lbs 10 mins straight down
Set 2 - 10 mins BTC
Set 3 - 20 mins straight down.
Set 4 - 10 mins BTC

I then move on to another 20-30 mins of jelq and or clamp and or pump depending on my mood.

Any suggestions on how to get out of this rut and stimulate some growth

You hung for two years with no gains?

Sorry. No, I had good gains in the beginning. Overall my efforts have produced 1/2 NBP and over 3/4 BP. However, the last 8months to a year I’ve had nothing.

Ok: you hung about 1 hour per day with 10-20 lbs, for 8 months, with no gains. How many days per week? What kind of hanger? Come on dude if you are too lazy to post infos about what you did how are you hoping that people would be willing to give you advices?

:) . Lack of privacy, I get betweens 3-4 days a week in the hanger. I can sneak in more jelqing, stretching and clamping.. But to get in the hanger, I only have a 2 hour window 4 days a week tops. As for hanger type, I use an AFB. I’m not trying to be lazy, I’m just trying to keep it, I’m literally in my hanger doing 10lbs SD as we speak let me know if I missed anything

I’d say too low frequency and high weights have just strengthened your penis. Forget hanging for at least 6 months.

Can I finish this set ;) seriously though, you think 6 months? What should I do in the mean time? Stretching? Jelqing.. Full on decon break>>

Either a decon break or switching to an extender - but don’t repeat the mistake, stay on very low tension but for a lot of time (at least 3 hours per day). If you don’t like those devices, switch to pumping. If you can’t afford a commercial cylinder, you can make one for pumping with a jar or a plexiglass tube.

I have a pump. In the past, pumping has procceded low EQ. So I usually only use it for shot periods prior to jelqing or clamping to kind of jump start the process. I don’t have an extender, but I guess I can make one. I have a rule about spending money on PE.

So what would you suggest as a pumping routine?

What about jelqing? Stay off that too?

No I wouldn’t stay off jelqing. As a pumping routine, I’m not a pumping expert by any means; what I have noticed though is that very short periods under pressure are unlikely to take toll on EQ. So many sets where you keep a moderate pressure for 15-60 seconds then release the pressure could be a good thing to try. Stay on 3hg max first week, then if EQ is good go up to 4hg and so on. I would do 3 to 5 session per weeks, 30-60 minutes each. Even better two or 3 shorter sessions over the course of the day, 10-20 minutes each.

About the extender, there are instructions on how to make one for about 10$; check Cantlook’ threads. Those are noose-style device though, not everyone is comfortable with them.

If you believe Bib’s theory (which I’ve gathered is controversial around here) then you have to:

a. ride fatigue as long as you can. It should be doable but not comfortable, particularly after the first set. In fact many drop weight each set so they can make it to 20 minutes, and that is a good thing. He says that is the only way to really make gains. Perhaps your feeling at 20 pounds was good. If it is glans pain then you may need better technique, a better hanger, or to build up more slowly to that weight to condition your soft tissues to the stress.

b. You have to hang essentially every day to prevent scar tissue from setting in and to keep your soft tissues in shape for the stressed of compression in the hanger, even if it is only 20 minutes on some days.

c. there is a theory that you can only grow so much from ligament stretch, and then you have to start attacking other angles for tunica stretch when the ligs run out.

d. I once asked him about a 2 week stretch I was going to have to take off (after 4 months of daily hanging) and he told me I might as well decondition because more than a week or so and the soft tissues are no longer tough for the clamp hanger, and the ligs need about 6 weeks (not 6 months) to decondition. I have no proof about which time frame is accurate, just posing a different perspective (that isn’t mine, necessarily) so you can decide for yourself if you want to start back after a deconditioning break.

I’m not a 100% proponent, in so much as I’ve never been able to go more than a few months on this hanging schedule because of life getting in the way, but it is at least internally consistent and makes some sense to me, and I have a medical background. I did make some small gains while doing this, but only after working up to fatigue-level weights, and as I said, I only followed it a few months. If I had 2 hours a day, week after week, I’d definitely put my efforts here, because I think it is potentially the most efficient way to gain length. Plus, there is a lot of success from others with this system. You can check out Bib’s forum (just google Bib hanger forum) and decide for yourself.

Good luck and let us know how it unfolds for you.

Rock out with your cock out!

Originally Posted by marinera
I’d say too low frequency and high weights have just strengthened your penis. Forget hanging for at least 6 months.

I would agree with this.

6 weeks - 6 months. Opposite ends of the spectrum. Are their any PI’s for being “deconditioned”.

One more question since I have your ears. One thing I’ve noticed is that the few times that I do OTS hanging (basically laying on the ground on my back tension pulling straight up to my face) I ALWAYS mange to pull some extra length on my BPFSL. As I said, nothing ever sticks.. I’m 8 even every morning. But should I be focusing on that direction?

If you do decide to take a decon break then 6 weeks is all you really ever need because collagenous tissues return to static state in six weeks. I am not so sure that you need to take a break in the first place and instead maybe you should just try hanging from different angles and with a fulcrum.

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