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Tape for vac


Tape for vac

I know thickthicker wrote about a tape that you could wrap the glans with to prevent blisters. I have “tried” to vachang for a while now, not much weight, only about 7,5lb, I have not got any blisters but I have got “blood spots” and bruises and other not comfortable things. I think this is a problem for many vachangers, and I it could be solved would be really good! It’s not FUN to hang if you have to think of all these problems.

I have tried the technique to put on a finger of a glove on the glans to but for me it just slides up when I release my grip on it.

It would be nice if someone know a good way to get rid of this problems, a way to use the glove better, how to tape, and maybe where to buy this tape on the internet and so on. I know some of these questions can be found in other treads, but it’s hard for people who start vachang to find them when there is so many pages, (like in thickthickers very good thread “best way to hang”)

Sorry - didn’t work.

Go to the thread you mentioned and check posts #156 (tape and manufacturer) and #182 (wrapping technique).

Click it!

Later - ttt

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ModestoMan also posted several iterations on his work on wrapping in order to vacuum hang. Hopefully he’ll update us with his latest successful technique.

Thanks, I searched the post and found the wrap/tape? You are using ‘Askina Elast fine 4m x 4cm’

I searched for it on google and found sites to order from but they were all in weird language..

I would really want to try this tape.. But I can’t understand the webpages in this language. Is it your home language? It would be a great favor if you could link to a webpage that ships to europe (sweden)! And what steps to take on the site to order. Like what “order” is in that language.. If you have the time sometime I would really really appreciate it!

Jaaag - you can order here. I fond the link in a 1 minute google search. Kind of wondering why you couldn’t find it.


I hope english is not another weird language for you.

Later - ttt

Hm, the link doesnt work. I’m gonna try taping the tip of my penis to see if that helps from preventing blisters. I’ll let ya know how it goes.

I just checked - the link works (at least in munich, german)

Later - ttt

Thanks thicker

Is this the thing? Http://…4_2f11 3_2f550

It says it’s a Askina Elast Fine Bandage (Braun)
Is it a bandage? I thought it was a tape? Do you place the bandage on the penis and then tape in on place?

That’s it. Take the 4 cm. It’s an elastic bandage, yes.

Later - ttt

ticktic, your links in your first two posts didn’t work because you didn’t put a forward slash after the bracket in the second “post”, like this [/post]. I’ll fix them.

Horny Bastard

Thank you mravg.

Later - ttt

Thickticker are you sure it is able to ship to other countries except Irland? When making the order you have to select “Select Invoice Location” there are you can chose “irland” and “none of the above” Then you have to chose “Select Shipping Destination” The same thing there. Then there is a text under “If you want to ship the purchase to an address other than the invoice address, check this box:” I have chosen “none of the above” and marked the box but when I click continue I get the message “Select Shipping Destination - Please choose a Shipping location (‘Use Invoice Location’ is not a valid choice with an Invoice location of ‘None of the above’).” hm.

Hi ticktickticker, what surgical tape do you recommend from this site.

I have tried again but I can’t seem to get the order shipping outside irland.. I have mailed them but no answer? Is there any other site you can order from? I have searched but no luck.

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