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Synergistic effect of wrapping on hanging and uli's for Bib, etals

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Day three of wrapping for girth! I’ve been wrapping (see my post in the progress reports area on the ezboard forum……THUNDER lets get a progress reports section here!) for three days now with the wrap as close to the base as possible. I wrap shortly after rising in the a.m. and stay wrapped for four hours. Get a NICE thick (6.5”) engorgement (almost ZERO fluid buildup…only a very small amount near my circ. scar), no pain, weird coloration, or coldness. My penis is pretty fatigued tonight as I sit here typing this. Thanks BIB! Wish I’d “discovered” this sooner! I feel like I’ve been doing some serious power jelqs…ah but, my hands are having no part in this, ONLY the wrap! No red spots or further discoloration either! Is this IT?? THE girth exercise? Too soon to tell of course but, it looks and feels promising. Depending on how my penis feels tomorrow morning I may wrap tomorrow or may just take the day off. I was planning on having a 4 on 3 off (my work schedule sans other stuff…mon-thurs.) schedule for this but, am not sure, that may change. I’ll keep us all posted here and of course on the ezboard forum, later guys!


Just wondering . This partialy constricts blood backflow.
If you do this for hours, isn’t it possible that the body
would somehow compenstate for this, and an outcome
would be a weakened eraction ?

What do you think ?



What would be the mechanism for the weaker erection?

The returned blood is restricted causing an increase in pressure. However, this increase in pressure forces the blood past the restriction. Depending on how tight the wrap is, actual blood flow can be almost normal.



Very interesting insights. When I chose the word synergistic per this thread, I was speculating. It may turn out to be an accurate term. The ongoing insights that this group has regarding PE is kind of like bodybuilding of the 1930’s, when it was in its infancy, in like manner PE appears to be in its early stages of discovery at least in this part of the world.

Keep us posted.

Best regards,

Merlin (Alchemy of PE)



Compensate by widening of blood vessels ? Which means
easier backflow without the band.

Can a clot accure where there’s a high pressure area, or when
blood flow is slow ?

What is the main difference between this and cock ring, assuming
the cock ring is well put ? For cock rings there are warning not to use them for over 20 minutes.

Well, I tried this, and couldn’t maintain an “inflated” penis, like in erection. Even if tightened real hard, and got an erection, it would still go back to flaccid after I stoped watching porn or whatever.



I followed the step by step procedure outlined by you on page three of this thread, worked perfectly. Remained inflated and still good colour and temp. for hours. Thanks Bib.



The wrap should have a much wider coverage and not be as constrictive as a cock ring. The wrap, if done properly, will be comfortable for a long time.

I have never noticed any kind of decreased erections after using the wrap, even for long periods.

I do not know why it doesn’t work for you.


Thanks for the feedback. It happens so seldom. Be sure to report any observations.




“I do not know why it doesn’t work for you. ” Is definetly not an answer which I’ve expected :( You’re supposed to know (almost) everything Bib :)

Anyone else have an idea ?



Huh, I don’t know a lot, and what I do know, I don’t always understand.

I surely do not know anything about your penis, or how you performed the wrapping, or any of the circumstances.



I read them all.

Admittedly prone to dipshittedness, I may have missed what I was looking for, but I’m quite sure it wasn’t specifically addressed. Apologies if it was, just be kind enough (please:) ) to give me the page number…I’ll do the remainder of the eye-work. On the subject of what I’ll call “BibHanger Uli’s”, I’m a bit unclear with the relationship between the pressure/compression and fluid build-up. Way back, Bib mentions the fluid build-up creating pressure on the outside of the tunica, thereby reducing pressure internally or at least modifying it to a certain degree. Makes sense, for after a certain point it seems as if the tunica is no longer being stretched as much in an outward direction. My question is, when aiming for shaft girth (in the CC) is it better to cut the session when fluid build-up begins to have this effect? What repercussions are there for healing in a swelled state from this type of fluid pressure? It does indeed seem that post session there is in addition to skin swell/donut effect more of a pressure inward in the flaccid state. Doesn’t last too long (<12 hours) and gradually diminishes right along, but is it just the same to avoid some of this fluid? Granted, there appears to be engorgement benefits to extended sessions with respect to the tunica free CS and glans despite the fluid effects on CC, yet I wonder if this is the law of diminishing returns in the overall scheme of girth work. Any thoughts, advice, experiences welcomed and appreciated. Thanx. groa


I love your posts. This is the way to further insights into PE.…cID=108 .topic

This is Penismiths topic on the extreme Ulis. You may have already read it, but if not, enjoy.

You appear to be dead-on in your statements/questions about all of this.

Once again, I only have experience with one penis, mine. And there is precious little input from others. But then, I don’t know how many guys have tried it.

For me, it would take a long time before the fluid buildup affected the tunica pressure. One other point in the mix is lateral skin stretch. The skin is the dictator of how the fluid pressure affects the tunica. It will give to a degree in each session, and you might notice an excess of skin over time.

When too much fluid had accumulated, I would simply unwrap and milk. A fairly good erection with good blood flow and the milking action would reduce the swelling noticeably. Then, if I wanted, I could rewrap and start over.

You are also correct about the CS and head. Since I started with a small head, leaving the wrap on and ignoring the swelling did seem to have a positive effect on head size in relation to the upper shaft, in particular the CCs.

Great post,



Did you continue to try the wrap? Did it ever work for you?

I actually expected to have more correspondence about your problems. Thought you might give more information. Can’t come up with anything on the above info.



I have finally come across a sorta suitable material to wrap with, and though I’ve only tried a few times it does feel real good, like’ts actually doing something ;)

I wont ask any major questions just yet, I want to eperiment and figure out most things for myself but one simple quesstion (sorry if it’s already been asked) just how much is this thing supposed to cover? I have just enough material to have 2 layers all the way up not including the head. another trouble I’ve been having is that the wrap tends to collectively move forward and slide ‘off’ the base… not sure how I should fix it, I suppose if I do it a bit tighter it might stay on, but, it would be better if I could find out how to prevent it altogether…


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