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Synergistic effect of wrapping on hanging and uli's for Bib, etals

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It will take a while before you are able to wrap with the correct tension and wear it for as much as three hours. However, if you can gently squeeze every once in a while, it may be ok.


I had no problem with anything you wrote. I know where you are coming from. You ask good questions and come up with aspects that I miss.

vivace said he was becoming discolored which I assume means dark in color and therefore too much pressure. Then, he was talking about leaving it on for two hours. You cannot leave the wrap on with high pressure for a long time. This is the same as only doing an extreme Uli for ten minutes. You must have significant blood flow to leave it for hours.

When you feel the pressure build up on the base side of the wrap, slowly slide the wrap TOWARD THE BASE.

Can you feel pressure building up on the base side of the wrap?

You will feel and see the blood go on the head side of the wrap. If it does not, then the wrap is too tight.

When you push the wrap toward the base, what happens?


Soooo, lemme make sure I have this right. I can pre-wrap with a piece of soft cloth or sweatshirt like material, (as close to the base as I can get it) and then follow that by either Ace wrap or Theraband right? And this should (with the right tightness) engorge my whole penis right? Once I get it right, will the penis pretty much regulate itself…in other words will it stay in that engorged state and or continue to get more so or will it only stay that way for a short while and then need more stimulation? I assume yohimbe or maybe better yet…Vigorplex would be a good compliment to this form of PE.


It all depends on the tension. How tight the wrap is. Here are the stages:

1)Fucking tight. This is where all incoming blood and outgoing blood are cut off. Call the doctor.

2)Angry purple head tight. This is where the incoming blood is fine, but all outgoing blood is cut off. Do not leave it this way very long.

3)Goldylocks. This is where the incoming blood is fine, and the outgoing blood is restricted enough to give a good engorgement. It’s just right.

4)Limp bisquit. This is where the wrap is too loose to inhibit outgoing blood enough to cause any engorgement.

Okey dokey?

I am going to bed with visions of dancing engorged penis’ in my head.


penis ribs?

I wonder if I will finally get such an increase in girth from this wrapping that I will develope the infamous “penis ribs” I’ve heard described elsewhere? I cant wait to try it tomorrow!

penis ridge

Bib, I have just recently gotten ,when engorged to the max, the penis ridges. If I continue carefully expanding in increments, can I expect to get increases in girth? IOW, am I on track? Also, The wrap thing is a very delicate balance that I think I have mastered. I like the feeling—whether or not I am increasing girth is only a wish. No news on the home front. Wifey dearest is being very cautious around me, but very nice. My kid got the lead in the high school play, so Cecil B DeMill, my personal control freak mate, is pretty preoccupied. Three weeks in, I am pretending the challenge is working.


Not sure about the questions here. You are getting the ridges when wrapped? How long have you been doing this? Or is this all in conjunction with Ulis?

I like the wrapped feeling also. You can leave it on too long though even at low pressure. The fluid buildup can become uncomfortable.

Read the other thread again on ignoring sex. Make sure you are ready. One other question. Can you take your wife in a fight? In some situations, she may hold out so long that she just tries to rape you without talking first. This is bad.

She must ask the questions and you give the answers before you ever give her sex. She must understand the way you feel and how it affects you.


Yes you have a good way of describing here. When trying your way that is exactly what I do. If I wrap too tight then at the base between the body and the wrap it gets thick but nothing happens to the upper shaft and head. That obviously meant it was too tight. When I loosened it a little then I could move the wrap towards the base and it moves the pressure to the upper part. Yes this is how I can get it to work somewhat. I have to just keep trying because the problem is that it just does not fill up to the point of real tight pressure, and also after a while I lose the pressure as well. I guess it is a matter of being accustomed to the pressure of the wrap and being able to adjust accordingly in the process.

By the way I did the wrap before class today and it worked great. I did it my way for now, but it was great. The school was not far away so I was not too nervous about keeping it on for traveling. I got to the changing room and took off the wrap and massage it and then looked in the mirror and wow lol. It looked great! As time goes on this of course will by my MO. I am starting a full time job of modeling soon where I have classes back to back with a lunch break inbetween. I can wrap and then eat lunch etc., heat up the rice sock in the micro to warm up and pow look out betties lol.



You posted right after me. Almost missed this.

Ok. You are normal. It is fine.

If you are building up the pressure on the base side, then you have to loosen the wrap to move the pressure to the head side, you may have it a little too tight to begin with. Actually, I can never remember a time when I had to loosen the wrap to move the pressure. I always just slowly moved the wrap toward the base, and presto, the pressure went to the head. Kegal while you are moving the wrap.

Ater you move the pressure to the head side, if you loosened the wrap, you have to retighten a little. IOW, don’t just loosen the wrap and leave it that way.

Once the pressure is on the head side, it will continue to fill if you retighten. If the pressure goes DOWN on the head side, it was too loose.

I am afraid if you keep up the wrap for the classes, you will quit all other PE. You will not have time because you will be screwing all the students.


OK bib I will work on that. Well at this time I am affraid that the wrap and maybe a tiny bit of uli work is all I can handle anyway. I really do think it may be months before I can hang again and really don’t know about that even :(

More to the point is that once I start working more my back will be too sore to spend time hanging. This really is a very very physical job. Some poses are many hours and I just stand there and not move (breaks every 20-30 min).

As far as dating the students, well it is a strange thing. The girls are like 20 years younger than me (not that I care) and I think they are shy after seeing me naked for hours lol. In this new job there is a strict policy against dating the students :( because I will be on permanent staff. However, it is only one job and there are plenty of other schools I work for :)


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Them Ribs!

SWM22, I have the same curiousity as you pertaining to the “ribs” or ridges that folks speak of. I have done quite a bit of squeezing in the past, but never noticed anything like this on my dick. Granted, the result of the squeezing for me was just swell and no permanent girth, but even during great times of engorgement I never noticed any of these ribs. Have not yet with the wraps, but then I haven’t done these for long periods of time. So…are all of you ribbers seeing the same thing in the same places. I’ve heard this phenomena described vaguely by a few folks, but would really appreciate greater detail. Are these ribs long and prominent, stating at the dorsal side and continuing down along the CC? Sparse or close together? Whole shaft of just certain sections along the length? All I ever notice is larger veins on the outside of the tunica. Even when quite engorged, seems there is some pretty thick skin and I believe there are also membranes around the tunica itself…perhaps mine are just real thick? groa


The ribs run up and down, under the veins, about 1/4-3-8 inch apart, and are on the sides of the two major chambers. Not on top of the shaft or on the bottom chamber. At least for me. They feel almost like cartilage. Only show when fully engorged.


So, heres how I get this to work for me. I wrap flaccid to almost totally flaccid. I wrap as tight as is comfortable for me as close to the pubic bone as possible (going for overall girth gains). After finished wrapping (only takes MAYBE 2 minutes) I get myself about 3/4 erect, pull the wrap back to where it’s supposed to be, then thats it. I let my penis “do its’ thing”. The last two days have been great! I wrap in the morning around 5 a.m. and am able to stay wrapped without ANY coldness, numbness, discoloration, or ANY discomfort for 4 hours. My penis seems to stay right around the 70% erect level the whole time whether I’m sitting or standing (spend most of the time on my feet). I can feel a nice, slight internal stretch feeling. Little bit of pressure in the head but, no need to squeeze to remove any pressure. Seems to swell me and give me pretty much the same feeling in my penis as does jelqing (temporary size increase of 1/4 to 1/2”) without any red spots, bruising, and no effort! Definitely has potential.


It will be interesting to see what kind of results you get with this. Maybe flaccid gains, but who knows. However, 70 percent is not even close to what I am looking for. If I were a betting man I would say that is not going to do anything at all, but it will be a good experiment for you to see and tell us about. I am interesting in above and beyond the erection level. You know, 110 or 120 percent in order to stretch it and make it grow. I can get about 3/8” larger just from wrapping alone. That never happens if I start flaccid or even semi. At one time I even got almost 1/2” inch thicker in girth from wrapping and doing the uli thing. I am talking about even after taking it off and getting an erection (it was not fluid either). Now that has potential.


I hear ya Dance!

The wrap thing is either a temporary bloat or a potential adjunct to Hanging and Uli things— I hope the latter. I wrap when I know I will not have privacy for PE. Baggy pants hides most of the bulge. When the water bloat starts, I usually stop. Hell, this must be working for your modeling gigs.

Well, I’ll keep you guys posted. I’m just telling you what I personally feel in my penis on day number two of wrapping for 3-4 hours each day. Actually today has a total of 8 hours of wrap time, 4 in the a.m. and 4 in the p.m. I can already feel a slight worked/mild sore feeling in my penis so…we’ll see! 70% was just a guestimation I have no prior experience with this type of PE and regardless of the actual erection %, all I know is MY penis is much fatter than usual flaccid OR erect after a long wrapping session. By the way I DO know what fluid build up looks like and I had a LITTLE bit on the right side of my circumcision scar today and yesterday but, none elsewhere…just a bigger engorged, vieny dick! LOL, later guys!

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