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Synergistic effect of wrapping on hanging and uli's for Bib, etals

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I am not taking any medication. I am not really in pain, just a mild discomfort. There is nothing wrong with my circulation. I just think I had it too tight and the blood was not coming in I guess.

I am trying and trying to learn Salsa and Merengue because it is really cool and a great way to meet women. It is a hard dance to learn though unless you really have someone to practice on. Anyway, it is an option for me and prevents me from trying to grind on the chicks etc.

I had to laugh about the pit though. Yeah that was what I am referring to. Not a mosh pit but still pretty damn crowded and people just rubbing up against each other (basically it is like having sex for me lol). However, I think I was going to be very careful and just stay on the outskirts because you can still get some action there if it is busy. Anyway, if I start grinding on some babe I will put my penis up instead of having it go down and then adding pressure against the erection (I don’t know if you understand that). Anyway, I don’t know about going, but it is very tempting. I am serious you have no idea the crap I get away with lol.


You are going to be fine in every aspect. Don;’t worry, be happy. The injury will not take months.

All the best,


Go on...

I had a Puerto Rican girlfriend when I was a teenager. She tried teaching me the Merengue, but she was soooo dam sexy dancing, that other things took over. Never did learn the dance, but have some good memories of trying to.

I was thinking you could find a good piano bar and a good looking babe and do some real slow dancing (with dick UP), not going to some Latin Club and hurting yourself. :)

Happy hunting, if you go!

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Thanks guys.
So what about the ss material Bib. How much do I use? Do you just use enough to wrap it once around or several times. How long of a strip?


Thunder, by the way the latin dancing is not a problem, it is the techno- rave type stuff where it is just bump and grind stuff that is the problem especially if the girl gets too carried away.


Hey Dance

That’s what I like about you! You are upfront honest about how you feel. I have been PE frustrated and plateau’d out for the past 10 months and kept it to myself. I think I tranferred this anger all over the place—LOL! My first reaction was to overdo everything! I beat the shitt out of Mr. Willy. I totally understand where you are right now. Hell, I am in the middle of pretending my wife (who sexually teases but never innitiates and rolls over and plays dead every night) is a cuddly person. My kids, who usually roar at my sense of humor silently stare cockeyed at me. My mother is questioning my spiritual life and advising me to pray more often. My dog started to bite—just me. My car stereo broke. My new addition is settling a few degrees slanted so the door jambs won’t connect,catch or lock. All I’m thinking about is my dick. Transference…EH? Give yourself a break! It could be worse.


About the same size 1.5 x 15-18 inches. When you wrap with ss material first, the Theraband can be shorter.


Man, you do have some problems. Dog bites can be nasty. Here are some other tips.

1) Give the dog to your mother

2) Make the kids live in the car with the broken stereo.

3) If you end up getting a divorce, make sure your wife gets the house.



Bib, My home heard a very loud laugh today… The Dog growled. Thanks, I needed that. I See, there are always options, possibillities, and potentials. Made it through the weekend without a blow-up. Wife said she likes the way I have been acting—which means continue to do the toilets and cooking—Sweet mother of GOD. Meanwhile she has transferred her extra free time energies into more kid attention and her business stuff. Still not on her top ten list of things to do.

I have been focussing on girth this week— Wrap and uli thing. I think I have adjusted the wrap now so it is not discolored as much. I do loose the hard stretch feeling though . I know the water retention is temporary and mostly show, but dammn it looks awsome. I am leaving the wrap on for a couple of hours now and hoping some of it will stick. Does the head expand from the center underneath part of the corona?. Should I be massaging or stretching this a little bit under presure to help it along? Also, I noticed the presure on the head increases more when I lean forward, right? Any other girth tips using the hanger? Thanks again for the laugh. b


Man, you are giving me a headache. Compound questions. My weak mind cannot process everything.

First, your wife does like you right? What did you say when she said she “likes the way you have been acting”? You have passed the first step. Recognition. You have her attention now. Curiousity. Intrigue. A mystery. Don’t blow it.

So she is using free time for other things. It will not be long before she becomes curious and desires to investigate how come she has it sooo good. What has she done to deserve this? Is there some debt accumulating? Have you given any back/foot rubs lately? Unless she is very abnormal, she will not be able to leave this alone. Any woman will simply have to know why these events are occuring.

“Lose the hard stretch feeling.” Remember, the reason for the wrap is not for heavy pressure. You can get that through Ulis (which you can perform much better and easier with the wrap). The wrap is for discoloration, and for keeping the tissues expanded during cooldown, or just between girth work. At times while wrapped, you can place an ok grip around the wrap and pull. This will give a greatly increased pressure.

Notice on the water retention that the head is not affected. IOW, the tunica within the upper shaft will not get the pressure after the fluid swelling, while the head continues to get the pressure unabated.

My head expanded mainly from the corneal groove. The area from the opening of the urethra down, on the underside of the head. I think this is the area of least resistance and why so many guys bleed from the tip. Today, this area on my penis is a little more pale in color and wider than before the girth work.

The pressure increases when you lean forward because you are pulling your penis into your body. You can do the same thing just grasping the wrap and pulling.

Don’t forget to squeeze the head every once in a while to exchange blood. Get fully oxygenated blood into the head.

Any other tips on using the hanger? Do you mean for girth?

If you mean just any use, you can attach the hanger to the barrel of your shotgun and hang it in the closet. You can attach it to the handle of your fishing rod and tie off the other end so you don’t lose your rod. Attach to a finger or toe and pull to unjam them.

Hell, there are a million uses for this product! I am missing the big picture. Got to go.



Before I got my theraband (silver) today, I used Ace bandage for wrapping material under the hanger. I also tried some wrap experimants with this product and found it works pretty well. Big difference between that and theraband in softness and stretch. If you haven’t already, might want to pick up a roll of ace and try the discloration wrap with it. Hell of alot softer stuff and it may not aggravate your injury at the base. I’ve only tried one hang and one wrap with the silver tonight and although the thera is great for hanging, I kinda like the Ace for just wrapping. I’ll let you know how the black thera works for wrap. Don’t mean to sway you from sweatshirt material and more power to you if it works out, but be warned…it’s a frustrating material to mess with and it’s properties change with use. I wear it above the waist from now on. I too find starting while erect the best way to do this technique. Seems like the nervous/chemical/smooth muscle relaxation thing works alot better when looking at porn. Have yet to achieve a full penis from flaccid with just a wrap…just kinda sits there like a dick collar. I may still try, though. groa

Yes I also use ace material for hanging. I used to wrap with theraband and then ace bandage on top of that. It worked well for hanging.

As for the wrapping I still can’t get it to work. Totally frustrating. I tried flaccid, simi, all levels and different levels of tension as well, and using porn etc. But, nothing. It just sits there and does not fill up. Or it fills up and then dies. I have no idea how anyone can do this.

Bib I also was sort of disheartened to hear you say the wrap was more for discoloration than growth. I guess that is the case with letting it natually fill up, which is disappointing. However, I think it can work for growth if I do it the old way I was doing it. Here is what I mean. When I was doing this a while back I could totally get the thing to expand. After wrapping my penis would grow at least 3/8 of an inch in girth within minutes. The head would totally expand to 1/4 inch longer than normal. I think if I could continue with this is has to produce some growth. My problem before was that the theraband would dig in and be painful after like 10 minutes. If I can get the ss material and a thicker strip of theraband to work it will be more comfortable. I think I also have problems because I am trying to do it closer to the head than before and also spreading the wrap too much. I will try a little further down the shaft and only wrap the 1 1/2 inch around instead of spreading it around and see how that goes. The ss material will be slightly thicker so the theraband does not dig in.

Of course there is nothing like using the hanger as a uli thing for girth, but still have to work with it so I can do it more safely than I did before.

I still have a lot to learn with this whole thing and guess it is just trial and error. Will keep you all informed.


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Well I finally had some sucess. Here is the story. As I said earlier part of my problem may have been I was too close to the head as well as maybe the fact that I wrap too wide (hunches). So I moved the wrap down a little (about 1 1/4 from the cir scar) I could probably do it a little closer to the head if I wanted.

Anyway, I became fully hard and put on the ss material then the theraband (this time fully tight). It expanded great, but this time the ss material really helped me with the discomfort. I waited a few minutes and it swelled great and I used the head pump for 10 minutes. Then I took off the pump and examined the head with the wrap still on.

Everything was great and then I tried to use the hanger as a uli thing. However, this time it worked much different than before. Previouly I would be hard, wrap and put on the hanger right away and then tighten. However, at this time the wrap made the area of the shaft much smaller than the expanded part so the hanger atached differently. I kept having to make it smaller and smaller and it did not work as well as before.

Then I switched to the hanger starter. This worked better for me since I am putting it on an area that is much smaller than before. The uli thing would clearly work better for me because even the hanger grabs a larger surface area of the shaft than is desired, and the uli thing would work the shaft better.

At any rate, I was sucessful and then took it off and everything looked great. I kept the wrap on for 45 minutes and it was very comfortable. I could have easily left it on much longer but wanted to be careful. The head while hanging 2 1/2 pounds was 3/4 larger in circumference and when just wrapping it was about 3/8 larger. Anyway, I am very happy again and see this is really going to work.

However, just like when you return to the gym after a while it is best to not do too much and wait to see how sore you are the next day. Additionally, I have a heavy modeling week ahead of me and want to do some things beforehand tomorrow and the next. Hopefully I will not be sore tomorrow because I could feel the area when hanging the weight, but at least it is better than trying the regular hanging with like 12 pounds etc.

So it looks promising so far :)



>Bib I also was sort of disheartened to hear you say the wrap was more for discoloration than growth<

Wait a minute sailor, I said the first head gains I ever saw must have been from the wrap. Or I think they were from the wrap. I think the various Ulis will give gains much quicker than just the wrap. But I also think the wrap behind Uli work will speed up gains.

Perhaps if you used the wrap for hours each day, it would be better than Thirty minutes of Ulis. Don’t know. My point was, the higher the pressure the better the gains. Find the quote where I said that and I will try to explain further.


Try this:

Wrap with the cloth material first on the flaccid shaft HALF-WAY between the head and base.

Just wrap tight enough for the cloth to stay on.

Then wrap with Theraband with some tension.

Next, watch some porn or do a little stimulation.

When you feel the pressure build up on the base side of the wrap, slowly slide the wrap TOWARD THE BASE.

You will feel and see the blood go on the head side of the wrap. If it does not, then the wrap is too tight.

Then, you can slide the wrap toward the head a little to avoid excessive lateral skin stretch.

The head and upper shaft should go ahead and fill the rest of the way by itself.

Once you get this technique down, you can put the wrap where you wish and do the same thing. It is probably easier if you do it at mid-shaft to begin with.


Sailor? lol

Let me begin by saying that no one appreciates your advice and support more than me. When I explain myself I never mean to argue directly with you, but rather, explain how my experience is different and discuss why that is. As you know I am very open to explain my negative as well as possitive experiences. Then when I am corrected it will help not only me but anyone else who reads it. If I am having trouble then I know I am not the only one here as the other posts demonstrate.

Anyway, what I was referring to is above in the thread when Vivace said he lost the hard stretch feeling and you responded with

“Remember, the reason for the wrap is not for heavy pressure. You can get that through Ulis (which you can perform much better and easier with the wrap). The wrap is for discoloration, and for keeping the tissues expanded during cooldown, or just between girth work. At times while wrapped, you can place an ok grip around the wrap and pull. This will give a greatly increased pressure.”

Now I am glad you reminded me that you got gains from wrapping alone. Now I remember you saying that. Since I am having some problems with the ulies (I mean hurting myself more etc) I thought I could gain some girth from wrapping alone. Anytime I tried wrapping while not fully hard it did not really work. Maybe at some times for a short while it expanded a little but never to the stretched out level. Like maybe the size of a regular erection or a little less but it also would not last. I was saying that I can get much much bigger than a normal erection from wrapping alone. In other words I can reach that great pressure feeling from wrapping alone, but never unless I start with an erection. I guess it is a matter of degrees of pressure. Anyway, I understand what you are saying. There is no way wrapping can equal the pressure of adding the uli which totally blows the thing up, but in the mean time I believe that I can get some gains from wrapping alone.

As for the directions, believe it or not, I have tried that and I just don’t know why it won’t work. I can keep trying I guess but I got frustrated trying and trying different levels of tension etc.

I wrote about this on the board because I know others will have the same problem and if I ever figure this thing out it will help them as well.



This is an awesome thread guys! Got me totally intrigued! I will be buying more wrapping material the next day or so. So…I CAN wear this wrap at the base for 2 or 3 hours at a time once I get it right…correct BIB?

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