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Synergistic effect of wrapping on hanging and uli's for Bib, etals

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Remember, nice, nice, nice. Do special things for her. Don’t even think about sex.

On the wrap thing. Do you mean how long did I leave it on at the very longest? I would say probably three or four hours. That was with a perfect wrap, where the blood flow was not impeded hardly at all, and the pressure was not too high.



I thought I addressed it to you, so yes it was for you.

Very interesting. What I find interesting is:

“The key is the inflow of blood is relatively in the center of the penis, or more accurately in the center of each of the three chambers. The outflow of blood is external in veins under the skin, draining the penis.”

From the description of your method it seems as if I did it very differently from you. If I wrapped with anything less than a full erection (never tried it flaccid) it would just die and not get expanded. I guess there is a learning curve here as there was with hanging. Maybe I did not have it tight enough, and understanding your statement helps.

You said,

“When you wrap a full erection, you will find it harder to attach and tighten the hanger or Uli thing. Specifically, it will be harder to stop the backflow of incoming blood. IOW, the blood within the chambers will flow back the wrong way, and you will lose the pressure as you described.”

This was not my experience. When I got fully hard and wrapped tight, right away it would totally expand and then I would put on the hanger. If I got more hard and then tightened it worked totally awesome and expanded at least 3/8 inch in girth. If I started not fully hard and waited and waited it would die down or would not work, but if I was fully hard ahead of time it worked great. It is just a little hard on me to do that, and I would have to wait until it became flaccid between the hanger and the body.

I will have to work with it and be more patient with letting it build up and see how that goes. I don’t know about wrapping it flaccid. My flaccid penis is pretty small to use that much wrap and still say far enough away from both the base and the head. Maybe about the same level as jelqing might work and then I will be patient to let it build up.

For the last month I have done nothing. As little as possible because I am focusing on healing so I have not done the wrap much at all up till now.


Bib --auto-expansion-wrap

Bib, I have been doing the auto-expansion-wrap for a few days—about 2 hours. For me the penis expands big time, much more than the erection dimensions. When I take it off. It remains for about an hour or more. I beleive this is what Dance may be looking for prior to his modeling sessions. I do turn slightly purple, but it does not seem cut off totally. The temperature is definately cooler but not cold. Sensitivity is slightly diminished.

Bib, rented a video and went to bed late again. She was sort of waiting up for me and real nice. I ignored her, but answered her questions relative to Leno comments. Friday, she was sort of teasing when I got home from work. She playfully sat on me late in the day. Which I rebuffed with a smile. I am staying sort of aloof. Jesus Christ I am totally horny. But I will stay the course. I cleaned the bathrooms Sat. morning(she hates the job). I think I can avoid her Sat night. I am afraid she may be catching on. But I have said nothing but I am responding in a nice way to her thousands of questions, most of which she knows the answers to—go figure. Did I say I was horny as shitt yet?. I have read and re-read your post. Anticipating her “what’s going on or wrong” questions—It will be coming soon. I hope I do not blow the lines. My problem is to keep my response short. The more I try NOT to think about sex, I do. And must admit I get a little pissed at the situation.. Thanks for the guidance.


Man, I can already see it. You are toast. If you don’t take care of yourself and get the edge off of the need, you are done for.

Aloof? I never said aloof. Cuddle with her. You can be physical. Just when she goes over the edge and wants to, all you have to say is no. You simply can’t do it. You respect her and the way she is, but you simply can not go through this anymore.

Ask her to please respect your wishes. Above all, REMEMBER THE LINES ON THE OTHER FORUM.

On the wrap thing, you have it a little too tight. You can get the wrap just right and not turn dark. The easiest way is to do it the way you are, but when it starts getting dark. Untape and loosen the wrap a little. Don’t unwrap all the way.


Dudes, I still can’t get it right. The only way I can get the wrap to work is if I am totally hard and wrap it tight right away. I tried it flaccid, simi etc., but it just dies. Nothing happens. I tried to use some porno and get exited so it would help build up pressure. It did for a tiny while, but then if I don’t concentrate it just dies completely. If I wrap too tight I cut off the incomming blood (I guess) and if not tight enough then I don’t cut off the outgoing blood. A little frustrating. I don’t see how you guys can just put it on and relax and the pressure automatically builds up. ?



BIB, I understand, So totally act like Mr. Wonderful, warm, smiles, kidding, etc. just say No when she grabs Mr. Happy. IOW, warm puppy cuddles not foreplay.

DANCE: I kind of inflate then put the sweatshirt/theraband strip on kind of tight, then masturbate a little (80%)to prime the pump. Within about 15 minutes, puttzing around the house, I have to release the pressure a little as it has totally inflated on its own. This is definatately a watched pot does not boil thing.


You got it. Kind of like a woman on the first date, pushing your hand away when things get too steamy. Keep your legs together. Oh yea, that won’t work.


What kind of wrap are you using? Also, where on the shaft in relation to the circ scar are you wrapping?


I am just using theraband now. I have to get some sweatshirt material I guess. I wrap just a little, maybe 1/2 inch below the scare. My shaft is only 6 and the head is 1.5 and I don’t want to get too close to either the head or base. Where it is seems the perfect location if I want to use 1.5 strip and overlap as well.



I have no great wisdom on this matter, but FYI, I am doing the uli thing wrapped close to the base. Probably where your injury is. I have a feeling that is why it inflates for me. Bib will probably elaborate in more depth.

What I mean is that if I wrap further down the base then when the erection subsides from the base to the wrap the wrap sort of goes into the base and body where my injury is.



That sounds about right. You might try different levels of tension and see what happens.

Remember, when the engorgement reaches a certain point, it begins to add tension and pressure to the wrap. This added tension may be cutting off the inflow. So, you may need to loosen a little after it begins to fill.


Well ok I will try that. To be honest I am getting pretty depressed and frustrated with the whole PE thing. I am sore right now which just really depresses me. On top of that I just can’t get this thing to work. It will not fill up. I guess I had it too tight but man you are talking really really fine tuning here to find the right adjustment. It just should not be this difficult and it starting to upset me. I am upset that I can’t get it to work right and am aggrevating myself physically in the process.



Of course, I don’t know about anyone else, but this is really not that hard for me. Like I said, I did it by accident the first time. Maybe it will be much easier when you finally do find the right tension.

Wrapping with the SS or other cloth may be the key. Perhaps it keeps the Theraband from exerting too much pressure. Beats me. Anyway, unless your return blood flow is somewhere besides just under the skin, it will work.


I went and bought some ss material and duct tape. I was using scotch tape on theraband which is not easy to take on and off. I was getting fully hard and making it really tight as I said. The material and the duct tape should help and I will be able to adjust it better. I’ll keep you informed.

I am just sort of bummed out right now. I really really want to go out dancing and have not done it for over a month. I wanted to go tonight but I am now sore in that area. It just sucks being injured and not doing PE. I don’t know if I will ever be able to hang again unless I wait like months and months and maybe. It is pretty damn tramatic for me anyway.

I still may go out but be very very careful. Sinking into a lonely depression at this time. :(

Hang in there


Are you taking any pain medication now that may be effecting your bloodflow?

I know you will overcome this wrapping thing, just as you have everything else.

What about going out dancing and ONLY slow dancing, very carefully?

Stay out of the pit, in other words. :boogie:

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