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Swinging with weights


Swinging with weights

While hanging with weight, is there any harm with swinging the weights front to rear or side to side. I feel a great stretch when doing this

you’ll know real fast when you here a big pop and your dick flies off into the corner. LOL

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I’ve done this in hopes of attacking a variety of areas. Be careful, you don’t want to swing to violently because you could cause an injury. I done this while hanging SD, I would just rock the weights like a pendulum, it was a smooth action.

Don’t do this so forcefully that it causes a “jerking” action, you could pay a big price.

I hang 25# and swing all the time, have for years. I’ve hung more and swung and done decompressives sets. EG: Stand with the max weight and do squats to relieve some weight and stand again for a count, repeat. Reliving the stress of stretch really is a mindblower at high weights. The swinging thing needs to be done at a very personal comfort level - know what you can handle before you attempt swinging. I’ve had many lig pops and desire more, early on I have had all that I was going to have I guess. If you’ve hung more than a year and have not had any lig pops then you’d freak if you have one whilst swinging. They DO NOT hurt but you REALLY wonder what the F just happened! Swinging will induce lig pops for sure. My lig pops were SO and SD just after lots of time and heat. Having a lig pop as a newbie while swinging may be scary. Learn to love and trust your hanger before you swing too- if that buddy decides to slide on your wrapping then it could be bad. Swing though, swing if it makes the sides of your shaft burn and sting and relax out longer than ever before. Keep on your wrap at least a few hours after that so it heals with the stretch you just applied.

and I just had a lig pop gentlemen. WHoa - let me say that lig pops will scare the death out of you even after countless ones. Swinging will induce lig pops, proven.

Thanks for the input,I’m new to hanging and using only 5lbs moving to 7.5 next week. No real gains yet,but I like the stretch I’m feeling while hanging

keep foremost in mind...

Rome was not built in a day, DO NOT HURRY to get to higher weights. If I were to start again I’d do as much that I could with 5#. Starting at 5 allows you to use ADS straps and let 5# really work for you. Don’t go up in weight until you’ve really understood what your prick is doing with the workouts you’re applying. Read read read, hunt the forums…be consistent day past days past months and years and you’ll find results.

I believe Dino (I may be mistaken) injured himself swinging wgt while hanging.

Be careful.

Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis.

Guys you don’t think it can happen but I had a Bib Hanger break on me when I attached the weight. Don’t have your feet under the weight and watch where your swinging because the hanger can break. 10-15 lbs falling on your foot will break it. I was lucky.

Swinging and Lig pops - any input?

Gentlemen, have any of you had consistent lig pops with regular workouts? Swinging will hit more lig pops - does for me. Senior members please input on swinging and lig pops please.

Just like they tell you not to bounce when stretching any other part of your body I doubt swinging does any good. Be careful!

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