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Swinging weights for quicker length gains? Iron Crotch seems to think so!

Originally Posted by SmileyDog
Good lord, thats insane. That means david9 can only bench press 50lbs!


Good God man. What the hell? 50lbs only?! LOL

Their is no way you can carry a girl or change a tire on a car. Eat some Chicken man!! What are you allergic to chicken! :)

Regarding swinging, I believe Boxcar23 was the or one of the first to suggest swinging the weights on this forum:

Further results with the Bib hanger

Good link Grower! :)

I’d like to know how they wrap (I guess you have to buy their $60 DVD to find out)

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Size Myths in the Porn Industry

More on this video: EXTREME Hanging

regards, mgus

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Hey guys I bought the video and it was pretty damn good.

I got a lot of insights on how to make gains better and safer. I think I will write a REVIEW later in the review thread.

He is a true Renaissance man.

First he is HUNG. He didn’t give any official measurements, but he looked like 9” Length by 6” to 6.5” Girth.

Second he is STRONG. He is very skilled in this PE and general body health field. He has gotten so strong with his dick and pelvic muscles that he can pull a car, also he can take a few kicks straight to the balls and he does not go down.

Hell one of his oldest students can hoist 150kg with his PiPi and was completely happy and elated doing it! Fucking awesome. I would love to go to a strip club and tell 2 strippers that I can not only fuck her brains out but I can lift their combined weights with my dick. Beautiful.

Third: He is a very skilled martial artist. He can break 6 ice blocks with a hand strike, break a stone slab with his side kick, and bend a steel pipe with repeated hand strikes.

Fourth: He is a master painter of the ancient Chinese mythical paintings.—like dragons, samurai, monks in meditation. This paintings are Awesome. You get to see some of this paintings in the DVD and they are incredible.

He is like 47 years old but his body appears like 25-27 year old in prime.

So guys he knows what he is talking about

Also he is teaching in South California now. If I lived there I would definitely go. If you do make sure to tell us about it!


Cool thanks locoloco good stuff.

That’s great info locoloco! I always wanted to get that video and see how big he really is. PLEASE do write a review on the video that would be awesome for everyone here. :)

Hmm. I live in southern cali, maybe one day soon I may get the balls to look him up who knows? ;)

Sorry to play the skeptic, but that video looks like bs to me. He’s covered by a towel so you don’t really know if it is attached to his cock. He could just have it wrapped around his waist. Give me one good reason why I should believe it.

Maybe locoloco who owns the video could take a quick snapshot and upload the pic here on Thunders Place of his monster dick?

If you have the DVD of the movie locoloco all you need to do is get a software DVD player (and I’m sure you would have a DVD drive to play the movie probaly on your computer) then install and use the software DVD player to play the Iron Crotch movie. Then when when the part in the movie of his uncovered dick pops up just press the “Print Screen” (Print Scrn/Sys Rq) button on your keyboard. Then immediatly open a program like Photoshop or some other drawing/paint program and make a New image (using something like the New command under the File menu) that has pretty big dimensions (width and height size). Then when you have a new blank white image showing just do a CTRL+V command on the keyboard to paste the Print Screen keyboard command you did earlier and then touch the image up and save it as a JPEG for upload. ;)

If the video you have is on VHS then you are going to need to connect a VCR to your computer and use something like Adobe Premiere or some other program to upload part of the movie to your computer to capture that image. This way is much more of a hassle of course.

I hope this helps you out if you ever decide to prove his size here as I am very interested in seeing this myself. He always appears with the cloth on covering his unit with wrapping so I can never see. Seeing is believing.

It would work just well enough to take a digital photo of his computer or tv screen.

True tinytim. Good idea. Nice and easy.

Sorry to bump an old thread, but I was curious on how exactly iron crotch hangs the weights and I was unable to find any explanation on how it’s done.

Everything I read in this forum talks about hanging directly from the penis. This video shows a very different style of hanging with a silk cloth and shows exactly how it is wrapped. The guy attaches the hanger in about 5 seconds and starts swinging the weights. Considering it’s not directly from the penis, I’m sure it’s not as beneficial for lengthening, but who knows.

Go to the 3:50 mark and you will see what I mean:

That’s funny, I stood up today with my hanger on, and swung around in circles for about 5 min, It felt good.


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