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Swinging the weights?


partial erection


I have come to some revelations about how to do it productively, but I really want to see if I’m right before I begin to shoot my mouth off about it.

Same here sparky. I’ve lectured new hangers about the dangers of hanging erect and hanging sets longer than 20 minutes for so long I find it hard to amend these recommendations. But it seems hanging has taken a whole new turn with the advent of these vacuum hangers. I’ve held off on recommending these routines until I feel they’re safe. I’ve been hanging low to moderate weight for three hour-long sets a day, swinging the weights with a partial erection. As of yet I’ve suffered no injuries, loss of erection quality or any setbacks whatsoever. Swinging the weight with a partial erection really brings a lot of fatigue to the fulcrum point. The thing about this type of hanging is like with pumping, it feels good and causes a slight erection. It is almost unavoidable. I was hanging 15 pounds before, but for these long sessions I try to keep the weight under 10. A five pound barbell weight and 6 of Monty’s lead peweights comes to just under 9 pounds. I find that is a comfortable weight to swing for an hour. After the first one-hour set I remove the weight and release the pressure but leave the hanger on. I dry jelq the tube for 10 minutes to restore fresh blood, then hang another hour. Then repeat all for the last one-hour set. The entire session takes a little over 3-1/2 hours, but leaves me with a very long and thick flaccid that I never got from clamp style hangers. For the rest of the day I wear peweights for an ADS when I’m on my feet and the AutoExtender when I’m sitting or Fowfers when I drive and sleep. I’m doing this pretty much seven days a week now, no Clamping, no pumping. I’m giving this exclusive length routine a last chance before going back to girth work or retirement, whichever comes first. If MB and Monty get these new clamps on the market I’ll have to try them for a while, otherwise I feel retirement calling my name.

I only recommend this to pumping and hanging vets for the time being. You newer guys need to wait and see if I end up posting an amendment in the Injuries and Treatment forum before you try this at home.

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Great post BG!

The only thing I will add (you’ve tempted me into shooting my mouth off!), is I feel beginners can work up a perfect routine…if they are patient.

My new approach is to put growth aside from your mind and go for a healthy dick! [By doing that, you have a much greater chance of growing a big dick too!]

That is to say, go for harder more frequent erections, along with a heavy flaccid…I might add, a constant slight hornyness too.

I say that because, almost universally, if you have your routine “in the zone” you will experience that.

Once you have the above PI’s…gradually increase time/wt while MAINTAINING those positive PI’s.

This will allow you to find your ideal time/force, while avoiding excessive time/force that stops growth and can actually result in shrinkage.

If you begin to see diminution of those positive PI’s…either stop the progression of your routine (time/wt) or BETTER YET, take an extra day off and go back to the last productive parameter you were using.

It may be slow at first, but you will experience the benefit of more powerful dick, which in itself is great and great for your sex partner.

You will guaranteed find a productive routine, and be able to stay in it far better and longer.

By rushing into your best guess, and constantly changing…it could be YEARS to find a productive routine…IF EVER!!!

I have been using 5 lbs in 5 minute increments (vacuum hanging with swing the wt). I’ve had to do this because of some real lymph vessel clogging issues.

What I found is that it is producing real fast re-gaining of my old girth, but not much length.

I know length will come when the wt finally hits the threshold on longitudinal plastic deformation or growth stimulus.

I plan on slowly increasing time and wt ( wt by 10 oz increments) while doing just as I proposed above.

One of the things I will advise guys like me is to separate PE from entertainment.

That is to say, develop a scientific basic plan and SLOWLY increase time/force while maintaining positive PIs.

If you get carried away with your time/force because it feels good ( and God knows that it can), you can totally blow your routine and progress.

Further, I advise guys to stay away from chemical/vitamin enhancers (cialis, viagra, arginine etc) UNTIL they get a read on what their routine is doing as far as their PI’s.

If you artificially enhance your erection, you will have no idea if you are overtraining…it will be masked by the chemical.

I truly believe that a healthy dick will grow much faster, better and safer than a beat to shit one.

Finally, I really like vacuum hanging with swinging ( and moving the pivot point to where it is needed on the shaft) a lot, it seems to be a wonderful combination of hanging, pumping and erect bends.

That said, I think any method of applied force to the penis can be productive if you understand what you are trying to do…and how to go about it in a scientific manor.

BG, I KNOW this routine produces great girth gains (at the pivot point), and I don’t see how it wouldn’t produce length gains ( once you hit that wt threshold)…but what have YOU seen on length gains?

I know that has been the tough one for you.

I would think that hanging partially erect would INCREASE the force requirements for elongation, but thats just my gut feeling.

If that true, then maybe the way you are approaching it is the answer, moderate wt with longer time frames.

I think that is better anyway, I’ve discussed this before. I think its better to stimulate cell growth for prolonged steady progress…rather than plastic deformation…which will cause tissue adaptation which makes further changes more difficult/requiring greater forces.

ps After tommorrow I will be incommunicato for about a month…so just PM me if needed, I’ll get back to you when I get back.

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After re-reading my post (edit time ran out!) I see that I am telling beginners they can try this.

I stand by that statement, with the caveat that if a beginner wishes to try vacuum hanging with swinging, I would start with 2 lbs for 2 minutes!

You can do that daily for a week. If PIs are positive, you can slowly work up time/force.

I suggest add one more set of 2 minutes the second week, then the 3rd set of 2 minutes the third week.

At that point if all PIs are still positive (almost guarentee you will be seeing good things!) You can begin to add 1 lb/ week until you reach 5 lbs.

At that point I would suggest to add one minute /week to each set until you reach 15 minutes 3X /day.

If your PIs are all positive, and you are making good girth gains, but no length, I would begin to go up 1 lb /wk again, keeping a sharp eye on your PIs.

Most guys report lenght gains starting at between 5-7.5 lbs…although this is with regular hanging.

I suspect vacuum hanging will produce length gains with less wt than regular hanging because there is almost no pulling on the skin, almost all the force goes into the inner penis.

Skin pull is resistence force to the penis stretch, that is to say if you get 3 lbs of skin resistence to hanging of 10 lbs…you are basically only getting 7 lbs of pull the the inner penis itself.

Vacuum hanging is pure penis pull baby!

Very interesting.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts sparky.

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I always add a simging component to my hanging and I like to pull up and move the bend to mid-shaft. I’m hanging 8 lbs with a vacuum hanger. I do 30 to 45 minute sets with 20 min of pumping inbetween to keep the head pumped. I usually do 1-2 hrs a day total, but typically will do 4 hours on one or two days a week. I’m now at 900 hrs of hang time and have seen about an inch gain in flacid stretch and that is about all. But I will go to 2000 hrs before making any real conclusions are gains

Bike: I see you are on the thread, let me ask you this: When you say you pump between hang sets do you mean in a different cylinder, or you just pump or milk the vacuum hanger?

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Sorry, I should have been more specific. I hang with the Grip system which in spite of bad publicity, I like very much. But it does take about 500 hrs of use to tweak it. Then I take the Grip off, remove the wrap and pump for 15 min or so using a mushroom cylinder. It has a tight shaft and a large area for the head to expand. Then I take off the mushroom head cylinder, wipe off the lube (a little baby powder helps), rewrap, put on the Grip and hang for another 30 min or so, then repeat the pumping etc.

I should also say, that I finally overcame the blister problem by taping by glans completely with paper tape. So when I pump between hang sets, I leave my head taped. It works great as long as you don’t have to pee. When my workout is finished I remove the paper tape by using baby oil. I’ve got about 400 hrs in using the tape and have not had any blisters as long as I limit the hanging session (8 LBS) to 30-40 min.

I leave today for Australia and will be gone for 2 weeks, so if you have any further questions, I won’t be able to answer until then.

Originally Posted by sparkyx
I’m finding it a great way to get girth, but increases the force needed for length.

So guys:

Do you mean Base Girth or overall girth? And do you find that you need to move the fulcrum on the swing for the shaft girth or is it happening naturally?

Originally Posted by Big Girtha
One word of caution, be careful with these deep swings. The hose popped off my vacuum hanger yesterday and I slung 10 pounds of lead across the room. Luckily no one was hurt, but the cat hid under the bed all day.

Man I couldn’t stop laughing at this one.


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