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Swing it for an xtra tug!

Swing it for an xtra tug!

I thought I’d offer up alittle technique I use while hanging that I think could help provide some extra stretch.

Sometimes I will swing the weight between my legs. Not a wide swing, only about 24” between each end. Possibly not a good idea with heavy weights. I only use about 5-8 lbs., but it gives a good gentle tug on the down-swing.

You can also swing side-to-side for a different stretch. To hit your ligs at a different angle higher up on the lot, just bend over and place your hands on your knees for support. I will swing for 3-5 mins. and feel a pretty good stretch afterward.

Yes, swinging the weights while hanging can feel like it’s giving you a great stretch, but I highly caution anyone with a sub-par hanger or lack of hanging experience from doing it. I used to swing the weights while hanging quite regularly until one day my hanger slipped off my dick and the weights went crashing to the floor. For a second there I was sure my dick would be gone. Luckily, my wrapping was good enough and I didn’t sustain any damage or injury. It scared the hell out of me though and I won’t be trying it again. I would rather let gravity do the work slowly than try to help it along and risk potential injury.

It seems like Bib said to be cautious about swinging. I think about letting the weights twist and it causing some structural damage to your penis. I would like to have been more definitive in this post but I thought it best to get it up quick before someone hurt themselves. I am sure Bib or someone who is more clear on this issue will be along to clear up my fog.

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Heres a thread a few months back I posted about swinging. I personally find it very beneficial if ‘done with caution’ as Bib says. Im4

Swinging while Hanging

I seem to get some swelling if I swing, I do like the feel though but I try not to do it. Once I had to take a month off and last time I tried it I had to take 3 days off do to swelling

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