Swim Cap Hanger!

Hey guys, I looked at Tom´s site. I made the afb-hanger. I had trouble, because it was slipping and if I would tight it harder my dick would hurt + when it worked, my dick would get all blue and cold. Now I was in the mall, there I bought a swim cap (silicone btw) for about 7$, just got home, followed the instructions on




Now I tried hanging, no cold, no hurting, no hard AFB-alike pressure on the sides (ouch!), no 5+ minut to get the wrapping correct, no 5 minut to make it to a nohurting-mode, no slipping, no worry about if the skin stretches or the ligs etc. It took like 30 sec to wrap it on the penis, take a rope and make the swimcap get fastened, take another rope and connect it to the other part of the swim cap where I add a S-hook.

It’s funny how the least expensive and least advanced can sometimes be the best or better then other more “advanced” things.

With this I think I can go up to 10+ pounds. If I need more and feel the swimcap-hanger is not enough, I might make an improved AFB-hanger. Tom´s gains was like 1.25 inches length in 4 months (yea yea I know, we are all different..but), and his maximum was only 6 pounds…so I will stick with this for a while.

Thx Tom!