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Sweet spot of tightness

Sweet spot of tightness

Second time I quit hanging!

This is the second time -hope not the last- I quit hanging due to bad technique.
Before 5months I started to hang as I was PEing for 6months and gains slowed down, so I started hanging and injured my self (glans desensitization) within two weeks! I quit and returned to manual stretching really frustrated and dissapointed about hanging but with the Bib starter in my drawer and hanging in the lower back of my brain..So, before two months I gave it one more try and now guess what.. Glans desensitization again!
I cant really find the sweet spot of tightness that would prevent fluid buildup(too tight) and slippage(not tight enough). I can understand that I have to go by feeling so I did, and I believe I can feel after 1year of PE, but I also concluded that knowledge comes by trial and error as you say. The point is that in hanging error can cost you A LOT! As Bib said once this is not an easy task,it has a lot of risks to consider and big gains to give.

This post is not for you to tell me “Come on, you can find it” or “Hey, show some determination man don’t give up”, it’s more like a diary when you write down “Today I met the most gorgeous woman in my life but I didnt speak on her..” Actually is:
“I found the best form of PE working for me, giving gains so fast and I m forced to quit it again.”
The real problem is that now, I know it’s there, I saw it, I felt it, I measured it..I gained about 0.2inches BPFSL some BPEL and base EG in one and a half month. I reached 4.4 pounds, I invested a lot of time and now I have to quit. And this is even more annoying.

Sorry for moaning and for my English, I just wanted to get it out of me.

Thank God there is PE

Fluid build up comes from too tight wrap, hanger too loose or hanger settings not wide enough.

I also got numbness every time when I started.

Try adding a little more wrap and make the hanger wider on the bottom.

Hanging through the year 2012. Check my log.

No, I m not happy at all with my wrapping.Actually I can never wrap the same so if someday I feel this is the right setup I couldnt repeat the next day.

Thing is that two months now the problem was there but the weights werent enough to damage me, so now at 4.5pounds the glans shouted for help, I cant imagine people hang 20 pounds or more!

Although most say its more risky what do you think of a vacuum cap hanger?

Thank God there is PE

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