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Sweet HTW wrapping technique


Sweet HTW wrapping technique

To anyone who followed Xenolith’s HTW thread, you’ve probably learned that HTWs can make an excellent wrap for hangers. They are smooth and seemless, and provide counterpressure to prevent lymph buildup and soreness.

After a recent bout of chemical peels aimed at attacking my discoloration, my skin was left a bit more tender than usual. My subsequent return to hanging, even while wearing 2 HTWs, was still a bit painful to the skin.

Then I came upon an idea—to use the HTWs to create a back-stop for the hanger. The idea is quite simple. I think words will be adequate to describe it.

  • I apply two HTWs, as directed in Xeno’s thread. One is applied on top of the other to form a double-wrap. The double-wrap extends the full length of my shaft, and overhangs the tip of my glans by about 1/4” or so.
  • Next, I fold back the overhanging region of HTWs to expose the last 1/4” or so of my glans. The area just below the fold and extending about 1/2” down thus comprises 4 layers of HTW—2 from the double-wrap and 2 from the folded back double-wrap.
  • Now I repeat the fold, to create an 8-layer wrap. The second fold exposes my entire glans, including corona, and fits snugly into the shoulder formed between the shaft and corona.
The resulting 8-layer wrap forms a sort of gentle constriction ring that really grips the shaft. The location where it grips (just below the corona) is exactly where I grip to do manual stretches.

When the hanger is applied, I find that the “ring” forms something of a “back-stop” that the hanger approaches but does not push past. In fact, I think the hanger might cause the “ring” to bite in harder, resulting in a very good stretch.

So far, hanging with the “ring” has been much more comfortable than hanging without it. I have had no problems with skin pain or circulation.

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That sounds great MM. My first thought is that you may have created a new form of ADS, that is if the remainder of the one sheath is at the base and the other just below the head. It seems like it would be rigid enough to keep the penis slightly extended and the constriction of the remainders might keep the internal structures slightly engorged.

That, or I don’t know what I am talking about which is likely because I have not tried this. :p

I hadn’t thought of using it as an ADS, but that’s an interesting idea. Actually, I don’t think you’d even need to fold it over. The HTWs will keep the shaft a bit extended all by themselves.

I think a good ADS needs to do some tugging, which these don’t do all by themselves, so they wouldn’t be my first choice.

Thunder: it took me a minute to understand the margerine remark. Are you suggesting some form of penis splint?

The main idea behind this HTW configuration is comfort. For one of my sets today, I had forgotten to fold bach the overhang to form the “ring” I described above. I couldn’t understand why the set was so uncomfortable until I saw what I had done (forgotten to do).

This configuration also seems to reduce skin stretch. This is probably because the “ring” stops the hanger from sliding too far forward.

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The success I’m having with this technique makes me wonder whether there’s a more general principle at work that can be used even without HTWs.

I’m wondering whether any kind of tight (or semi-tight) ring placed just under the glans will help. You’ll probably want to use something wider than a traditional cock ring. It will need to go over the wrap, to avoid pinching the skin.

I think that Monkeybar’s silicone sleeves would make an awesome wrap for the Wenchette. Slipstream referred to the idea here.

With a silicone wrap, one could apply the wrap over the glans, then apply a rubber o-ring just under the corona and fold the wrap back over. One could try using different numbers of o-rings. I suppose one could do the same with the HTWs.

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Yeah. For an ADS you could use a splint, although I really don’t think you need one. The HTW’s do a good job keeping the shaft extended all by themselves. My point is that you want some traction, not just extension, even with an ADS. At least I think you do.

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As great as you make it sound this reminds me of my first hanger I made of a sock. I tied it below my coronal ridge and put tension on it. Instead of pulling, like I did for a few days before I realised I was being stupid, you’re pushing on the cotton ring, but the effect is the same.

To me it sounds you’re just looking for a way to make up for your hanger slipping, while you should look for a way to tighten your hanger more so it won’t slip in the first place. Slipping in my experience often results in discoloration.

Just my 2 cents.


This issue has come up between us before. I’ve never been able to tighten a hanger enough to prevent it from slipping, and I don’t know whether it’s possible for me. It’s just the way my skin is attached, I think.

Please tell me how you’re able to do it. In particular, how do you wrap?

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I recently discovered a way to easily put on a sleeve cut from a butyl mountainbike innertire, which even works with a rather tight sleeve.

I fold the sleeve, pull some skin over my glans, place the folded sleeve over the skin (without trying to stretch it), I pull the sleeve down so my glans pops out, I unfold the sleeve downwards and I’m wrapped.


I believe that the HTW’s is best thing for hanging apart from the BIB hangers that I have ever had expereince with.

The level comfort the HTW’s provide is wicked. I can now wrap with the HTW’s and I got no skin discomfort at all. Its has however taken me a few weeks of trying to prefect the rolling up technique of the HTW that exo promotes but I am getting there.

At present I use the HTW and fold it in on itself to make a single double layered HTW. Then I very carefully roll the single doublefolded HTW up just like condom, just like exo sadi to do. This part of procedure takes me longer than the 5 secs exo reckons it takes him but with practice I am getting better and more effiecent at this rolling task. I then stretch my shaft out and roll on the HTW and like you I leave some of my glands exposed and some covered with the HTW. I really like the pressure sensation the double folded wrap provides on the glands. I think it can aid in reducing swelling and also helps to keep the glands warmer than it would be if it was exposed to the ambient temperatures like mine was when I didn’t wrap the glands with my thera.

Infact I have an infered heat gun that I use now and when I shoot my glands I get about a 1 degree temperature drop in the glands over my 10 min set duration.

There is however I have found a tendensasy for me to attach my hanger a little closer to my glands now than I would do when I was using thera only. I think this is causing a slight issue for me but I realize that I need to apply the hanger alittle further back. However I am with Piet on the idea that it should not slip forward. I myself am stilling fine turning my adjustments of my hanger but what I can tell you is that my hanger doesn’t slip forward towards the glands with the HTW material.

I think I am achieving this now because of the advice I recieved from real mcdeal a few weeks back. Firstly I took notice of his and exo’s spread wide settings to form a more /\ shape through the hanger when viewed from behind and then with rm’s encouragement I grounded down the top teeth to about half their original height. By grinding both top teeth heights on the left and right hand skids I can now tightener the hanger more cause the teeth mess doesn’t start till later on for the same setting on the bottom hex nuts. It allows me to get the /\ shape happening more without the need to increase the number of HTW layers or plug as exo calls it and then set the hex nuts even wider.

MM don’t get my wrong, I still need to do some more tests with spread wide bottom settings like increasing my bottom hex nut gaps even wider and at the same time use 2 double folded HTW’s on each other so I then got 4 layers of HTW material so all of what I have said above is a work in progress type of experiment but I urge you to grind your teeth that little bit and then see if you get a better grip with your hanger assuming it is a Bib hanger ofcourse.

But with all this said I can not but say thanks to exo for letting us know about the HTW’s. I infact have been using one this week during the day whilst not hanging as a testing method too see if I can increase gland sensitivty by keeping the glands almost covered just as if I had my foreskin again. Seems to work kinda but the jury is still out on this one but it really helps keep the head nice and warm even in the cold months here in Australia.


Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Cut up a margarine tub and slip a small piece of the plastic between the two wraps maybe?

I see what you are thinking. If one were to use two wraps with a constricting remainder at each end, one could possibly lodge something rigid between the two spools. It might be something that people could wear in public without worrying about a pound and a half of metal and plastic sliding down their pant leg. :)


Are you also using Xeno’s method of setting the bibhanger in the “/" style?


I’m using a Wenchette, but I’ve made a similar adjustment. I’ve moved the pads closer together so that they’re almost touching near to the top of the hanger. The straps attach directly above the pads, so the effect is to pull strongly along the top (dorsal side) of the shaft.

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