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Sweet HTW wrapping technique


I love wrapping with the HTW,but it takes so long for me to get them on that I often just say “screw it” and wrap with an ace.I can’t imagine getting two of them on.Are you erect when you put them on? Because I barely am able to get one on flaccid.

chainz 8,

Not sure if your question here is directed at me but I can concur that I initially found it difficult to firstly roll the HTW’s up like exo explained and then I found it difficult to get them over my heads.

It was such a piss off that I thought once again my hanging journey was going off into the wilderness but with exo’s reported successes and Real Mcdeal’s advice I continued on and have learnthow to roll them up and get them on.

Firstly I can understand your thinking with asking if guys are erect when they attempt to put them on. My answer to this NO. Just do as exo explained but you will need to decide var your experementation whether or not you have the HTW partially covering the ridge and the back of the glands or whether you position the front end of the HTW were you would normally on your shaft like with your other wraps previous.

IMO enough can not be said about the value of HTW’s to hanging particulary if your expereinces with hanging have been like mine, up and down like the stock market but with a trend upwards. In saying this about the HTW’s I last night had an expereince were I found that the my HTW had shrunk in lenght. Don’t know why and I am pondering over it today. Regards of this hicup I still find that the preparation I do for applying the HTW on the shaft to be time consuming. It takes me like 10 mins to fold back on itself one of the full lenght HTW’s and then like another 15 mines to roll it up really tight and snuggly into the dounut condom shape that exo shows in his thread. This effort though is worth it cause it provides me with my best wrapping material todate.


The key to applying HTWs is to roll them up like condoms and then unroll them over your flaccid penis. The best way I’ve found to unroll them is to spread the donut (rolled up HTW) open with 3 or 4 fingertips and push it over the top of my glans. When I remove my fingers, the HTW is already partially on. Then, it’s just a matter of gripping the tip of the glans and rolling the HTW down.

I can literally do this in 5 seconds. Applying the second HTW is even easier than applying the first, since there’s no loose skin to hang up the process.

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I haven’t been able to find the recommended HTWs, but I found some of the Goodie brand a few months ago. Can someone measure the width of the Scuncci HTWs when laid flat? I have a feeling the way everyone describes these that they are narrower than my Goodie ties.

I must have big fingers or something ,because it is hard for me to spread them in the way that MM describes.It takes me like ten minutes to get one on.It is by far the best wrap I’ve ever used,I guess I just need to experiment a little with a better technique for putting them on.Thanks for the input Justin and you too MM!


I measured one of my HTW that I have not yet cut down the seam and its width is 20mm. Once I use the scunci HTW its width increases and the length of 11inches then reduces down to about 8.5- 9 inches.

slipstream the member Monty530 sells the scunci model that exo talks about.

To the fellow HTW users, before I begin to roll up my HTW’s I completely unwrap the HTW and have it as one complete length again. Then I fold it on itself to make it double layered then I rolled it into the dounut form.
Would anyone who uses the HTW’s double layered like myself tell me if they too completely unfold the HTW and start from one full length again.

The reason I ask is cause I find that when I remove the HTW its length has reduced and I am required to stretch the HTW back to its original length like when I first cut the seam away that made it an endless loop. I think what happens is that the HTW stretches some what to accomedate to the girth of one’s shaft at the attachment area and this lateral stretching which I could call girth stretching decreases the lenght of the HTW.
Hence I always give it that little intial stretch or tug lenghtwise in an attempt to get it back to its original length of about 11 inches. Does anyone else here do or expereince this with their HTW?

I don’t recall exo talking about this after wrapping care with the HTW’s that I am doing. Maybe its not required?

Any opinions thanks?


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Thank you, good sir. For the record, the Goodie ties I’m using are 50mm (~2”) wide. I assumed these were a little too big, but that’s a larger difference than I expected. I can understand the problems people have had getting them on.

How about having a HTW all day long? That is, how would if work if you were to wear Scuncis 24/7, without even removing them?

Gentle McJ: The HTWs probably do shrink lengthwise, as a result of being stretched girth-wise. THe great thing about the Scunci model Xeno (not “Exo”) recommends is that it stretches both lengthwise AND girthwise. Most hair ties only stretch lengthwise, which makes them highly inferior for the job.

If I understand your technique, you’re folding a full HTW back through itself to create a double-wrap. I’m sure that’s fine, but it’s not required and may cause the unit to be too short.

I use two complete HTWs when I wrap. I cut out the seam, but each one is otherwise complete. I apply them individually. I do not attempt to layer them before applying.

Helloeverybody: Certainly you could wear an HTW all day if you wanted to. It makes a nice ADS all by itself.

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Yes that’s what I am doing. I like having the fold at the end of the shaft half covering the glands. I argee I could use singles on each other and I will experiment with this but I find that the folded back onto itself is nice and snug on my unit.

It does seem alittle short once folded back on itself but I am also checking the possiblity that with the use of the HTW with it covering the glands one can have the hanger closer to the glands as compared to using the Thera. I will be reassessing this comment later thought so its a work in process thing.

To be honest I went straight for folded HTW application after reading Xeno’s HTW thread. I have many faults in my hanging unfortunately and one of them is that I don’t progress in my hanging/wrap setting/adjustment experiments at the rate I would like too but that’s where I am at present -. Single folded back on itself full HTW producing a double layer in one with the fold at the glands and half covering it.

P.S. Sorry about taking so long to reply here mm.


I like the wrap but the only way for me is double it, then put four fingers all the way through and shove it on, then make one or two rollbacks on the end.

The eight layers on the end is not working for me. I have to come back about half an inch with the bib starter, not right on the rolled up part. But if I do that the rolled up part probably contributes to comfort.


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