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sweet gains


Sounds like I just need to spend more time hanging each day instead of clamping. How long should I be hanging each day? I am using a cc3 hanger.

Current stats are
BPEL 7.0
EG 5.0

Current goal is
BPEL 8.5
EG 6.25

I find that after 75 minutes of hanging that my dick will start to go numb, so I only do 75 minutes a day (5 sets of 15 minutes). I believe you said you were hanging for an hour a day. That seems adequate to me. I’ve heard of people hanging for over 2 hours a day, but I’m not sure how their results were.

I think the most important factor is keeping it stretched out inbetween daily sessions with an ADS. And just go slow, start with light weight, like 5 pounds, and work your way up slowly. It’s better to underdo it than overdo it when it comes to PE, especially hanging. If you over do it by using too much weight at first your dick won’t budge and then you’ll have to take a deconditioning break.

Starting stats- 5.9 BP Current stats- 7.5 BP, 5.25 EG, 8.13 BPFSL

Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity.

That is a very difficult question to answer as we all respond differently to ligament/tunica stress. No one here wants to accidentally give you the wrong advise. However, based on all the reading I have done over the years it seems that the majority of the good gainers employ a less-is-more approach. Consequently, if I had it to do all over again I would hang 5-7.5 lbs for 15-20 minutes at angles between SD and BTC, rest 10-15 minutes between sets and do 4-6 sets totalling 1 to 1 1/2 hrs. If/when gains stopped I would switch angles to between SO and OTS. If gains stopped at all angles I would try increasing time. If still no gains then increase weight by 1 1/4 lbs (standard barbell increment). At the moment I think that increasing weight should only be done as the last resort. Thinking back now, my goal was to hang a lot of weight, thinking it would produce fast and big gains. My hanging gains have been slow and I have tried more weight and it does not help and instead it has hindered. There has been more anatomical discussions on Thunder’s since I started and from what I have read, connective tissue healing takes quit a while to heal and that is just one injury. It would seem that compounding injuries (daily heavy hanging) would eventually confuse the healing mechanism resulting in severe inflammation. Minor healing would occur while the tissue is retracted. This healing would be disorganized and overly thick. Results, slow/no gains, limited long term results. On the other hand, when hanging light and long the healing is more balanced with the lengthening process such that only a minimum of connective tissue strengthening occurs. My $0.02 worth.
Before you start I suggest you carefully measure (ruler on top) your starting size and always take the biggest measurement. You will need to be confident that as little as 1/16” gain has occurred over a months time. That might not sound like much but if you could gain at least that much per month, you will have gained 3/4 ” in one year. I doubt that anyone on this forum would be disappointed with that kind of gain. So again, measure carefully.
Sorry to ramble but I do some of my best thinking when I am trying to answer other peoples questions.


excellent response shelovesit.

Starting stats- 5.9 BP Current stats- 7.5 BP, 5.25 EG, 8.13 BPFSL

Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity.

Well said shelovesit. I’ve started hanging at about 5lbs and have been doing so for a month or so. I can cope with this quite easily and it’s a natural thing to think I should perhaps beef it up a bit and whack on a few more pounds for quicker gains, however I shall have to reconsider this and do more research methinks.

Thanks, and again, careful measurement is key at this point in your PE career. If your erections vary in quality then you might want to consider developing some method that always arouses you to a maximum so you can measure at that point. I use something that was a freebie from a porno flic purchase. It is a soft rubber sleeve. It feels almost as good as sex. I use it to get really hard then measure. It is also important to measure at least a day into a short break and possibly at the same time of day say in the morning when you have a strong morning erection.
If you are new to hanging you will probably go through a phase where hanger adjustment and wrap quality become critical. At 5 lbs, you may be stretching skin (burning sensation) because the hanger is not tight enough yet. This is ok and needs to happen before the ligs can begin to take the stress. However you will to recognize when the hanger needs to be tightened. This is an important point to watch. It takes time to condition your skin to accept a tight hanger. A dark hard glans is a sign of a loose hanger at 5 lbs.

Good luck to you,


You could try measuring with a cock ring on. I do it, sure my measurements will be slightly(1/8 inch) bigger in both length and girth than normal, but my erections are always 100+% allowing for a more consistent measurement.

Yes sheLovesIt I wonder about skin stretch whilst hanging and if it’s that that I’m doing (?). And if it is, is skin stretching a bad thing in preparation for lig stretching.


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