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Swanging idea!

Swanging idea!

I say swanging because that’s what I’ve been starting to do. Swinging while hanging. My dick must be super strong because even while doing this in a circular and a forward/backward motion, I don’t feel fatigue very quickly.

Then I thought of something else, I was going to wait to see what kind of results I could get from it but I wanted to be sure I was being safe and run it across you guys first…

I got the idea of doing quick jerking motions from grabbing the S-hook of the Bib Hanger (where the weight goes) and moving it in a quick side-to-side motion, so that the weight doesn’t swing, just stays in place (the weight was an orbitron weight and it’s flat sides were facing my legs, important because of the physics of this motion). My dick didn’t move much either but I could really feel tuggings at the base. I instantly felt that I was onto something, that I had a ingenious way of isolating limiters. I use about 15 lbs. of weight and the bouncing I was generating felt like I was doing blasters in rapid sucession.

I feel the need to do this because I don’t think I can increase the weight nor the time that I can hang due to skin fatigue. I’ve tried wrapping different but I’ve come to the inclusion that its the shape of my inner penis near the head that doesn’t let the Bib grip enough of that I have to have at least some blood in my head to support the Bib. This doesn’t bother my head at all, just that it doesn’t grip the inner structures like I’d want to. Therefore I will try this for awhile, and see what happens. *SNAP* perhaps a lig pop? :p

Any comments? You should try it and see for yourself. :D

I don’t hang that often because it’s so hard to get my dick rapped just right. But when I get it, I add a little swing into it as well. It does give a good strectch and I too have wondered if it’s safe.

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Originally Posted by benbe5312
I don’t hang that often because it’s so hard to get my dick rapped just right. But when I get it, I add a little swing into it as well. It does give a good strectch and I too have wondered if it’s safe.

You should try the S-hook idea, it’s not just swinging anymore!

If anyone needs a clearer explaination I will try to make one.

Has anyone given this a shot? I did another day of it and holy cow I’m thinking I should do this everytime. As long as I listen to my body and don’t overdo it I think this is my key to some good gains in the future.

I’m sort of surprised no one else has commented on this. Perhaps I’m not very good at explaining what I’m doing? Oh well. :(


No, I did not really understand what you are doing. You might try explaining again. You say the weights do not move, and you penis does not move much?


Hey Orgasmo,
I have done it and liked it, but it did apply more and more pressure on my head because of the medieval hanger I was using. Personaly I don’t need alot of weight and was probably only using between 1-2kgs. I do not know how this will result during a set with higher weights. But I think you’re absolutely into something. I also tried to swing the hanger in a circular motion while bending forward leaning with my arms stretched out towards the wall, which really gives me more force and a special pull sensation i haven’t felt before. It’s like a SO pull while lying on the stomach (and you certainly would need a “hole” where you are lying for your hanger in this comparison) which is firmly pulling in every direction.

“Thumbs up!”


The weights do move some but not in a normal swinging motion, because I’m moving the S-hook side to side in double the speed. This makes the “powertrain of hanging” look like this < > < > < > instead of normal swinging like this / \ / \ / . Again this isn’t swinging at all, I’m moving the S-hook (the midpoint of the powertrain) too fast to give it the chance, so this makes everything jostle in place. It creates a bouncing on the bib making tugs slightly on the sides of my base.

I do all my hanging standing up and I find that I can stand up straight to work the ligs then bend over some and work on tunica. It’s funny because my ass is shaking from the intense bouncing this idea does. :D

Guys, I’m only jiggling the hanger in place. Grab the S-hook and shake it side-to-side 2 inches 4 times per second aproximately. This creates a nice bounce that alternately tugs the left and right sides of the base of the penis. Simple as that.

No offense Orgasmo, but this looks pretty dangerous to me. If for some reason your wrap(or your hanger, or the s-hook, or whatever variable) gave out on you, that hanger could potentially slide forward and pinch your dorsal nerve pretty badly.

It’s your penis so I can’t stop you from doing something like that, but I just wouldn’t risk it.

I was actually just messing around while hanging and decided to swing. It seemed to give me a little more tug, but at 5lbs (5lbs. doesnt seem to be doing it for me even though i’ve only been hanging a week) it doesnt seem to put me in any immediate danger. I actually like to move my wink back and forth while i’m stretching, seems to give more fatigue. I have a mental picture in my head of pulling a stake or fence post or what ever out of the ground when I do this. I know it’s poor logic but it seems to trick me into thinking I can get more out quicker.

The way I was swinging the weights was to put my middle and pointer finger on each side of my winky’s base and gently rock it back and forth like a pendulum. Even if it doesnt help, I for some reason found it extremely fun.

P.S. I was gonna write my own post on this, but I actually thought to use the search function first. Kudos to me……I rock :)

Well PE is all about listening to your own body and feeling for what it needs to grow bigger.

However, I wouldn’t really recommend what you’re explaining Orgasmo, as you cannot monitor the amount of force you are exerting on your penis.

Let us know how it goes in a few weeks/months and whether you are still doing it.

I actually just finished 4 sets at 20mins swangin’ back and forth. All I can say is YEEEEOOOOOWCH!!!! Feels like someone took a sledge hammer to my ligs. It’s definitely working my ligs more. Think I’ll try this out for a week or two and see what happens. The stress on my ligs was so intense at the end of the third set that I had to just let it hang for the last couple of minutes. Hopefully my recovery time won’t change.

I get this sensation a little from jogging while wearing golf weights, kind of a gentle tug. Not sure it will bring gains, but I like the way it feels.


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Like the guys said above, this could be dangerous if you don’t take extreme precautions.

Be sure to warm up plenty and start gradually. Personally I think your dick has to be either tough or well conditioned before even trying it, especially the glans area.

This would probably be something one could try when they’ve reached a plateau on length gains.

I’ve been slacking off really badly lately so I can’t tell you whether I’m noticing gains or not. Hopefully I will eventually start again and see for myself what this can do to one’s dick (hopefully not break it!) :D

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