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Surely gains don't come from stretching ligs!


Originally Posted by ModestoMan
There are 2 ways a person can gain erect length by stretching (or cutting) the ligs:

1. By pushing down the base of the penis, i.e., the attachment point to the body. The outer penis becomes longer because more of what was previously inside extends outside. The shaft does not grow; the existing anatomy is merely rearranged.

2. By releasing a trapped inner penis, i.e., one which was previously never able to fully extend outside the body because it was pinned back by the ligaments. This is probably rare.

Hanging SD or BTC cannot isolate the ligs from the tunica—both are stretched to some degree. Some people even think BTC stretching can cause the fundiform ligament to act as a fulcrum, transferring stress over the fulcrum to the inner penis.

So how does tunica growth play into this? You’re making it seem like tunica growth plays no part in this….

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Exercises that affect the vasculature by widening arterioles will improve the efficiency of your erectile system. The higher flow rates will enhance the pressure gradient and thereby effectively give you a bigger erection (its the equivilency of a pumping routine only it is engaged internally).

Weakening of the ligatures and connective tissues allows for the optimal effects to take place, namely, the exposing of your inner penis to the outside world. It is as if we all have a drippy faucet, we have to improve the pressure inorder to see an acceptable flow. Your water balloon production will never take-off with a drippy faucet; instead, attach a fire hose and see the Macy’s Day inflatable overhead. Hang tough, hang long.

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Originally Posted by bigblackstick
So how does tunica growth play into this? You’re making it seem like tunica growth plays no part in this….


The question I was attempting to answer was how lig stretching could cause gains. My answer was thus focused on lig stretching only. That’s not to say that ligs are the ONLY source of gains. Certainly, gains can be had by stretching the tunica as well.

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