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I was just wondering if anyone has combined two angles of hanging within a 20 min set. Or if anyone alternates hanging position between two different angles. I was just wondering because I read somewhere the Bib would work both BTC and SO on the same day so I was thinking about doing the same. I was thinking about doing one set BTC heavy 20min then a ten minute break and the hang SO 20min then ten minute break and I would keep going back and fourth until I was totally fatigued with both angles. What do you think??? Also I plan on doing this every single day for at least six sets.


I am alternating hanging positions between three angles per workout. I have only been doing this for two weeks. I have had to mix things up and experiment because my length gains have really slowed down in the last year. I do SD, SO, OTS, SD, SO, OTS (6 sets) between 8.75 and 11.25 lbs, 5 days on 2 days off. So far I like the fatigue.

My theory on this is that each angle stresses additional groups of fibers. Over the entire workout more fibers are being stressed and fewer are being allowed to heal shortened and strengthened. Strengthened fibers cause limiting factors for the others to overcome. This is an offshoot of Bib’s “Divide and Conquer” Theory.

At the moment I cannot do this workout without the two day break but I may try to adjust things so that I can reduce/eliminate the break. I feel soreness after the first few sets after a break. I would like to eliminate that. I take one tablet of Aleve (NSAID) a day to counter the retraction (something that I have been plagued with throughout my hanging career).

I used to hang heavy… 18 - 22 lbs at one angle per workout, 1 to 2 months per angle. This new routine gives me about 25% more fatigue at half the weight.

Hope this helps and good luck

BTW, what does pyrsnwb mean?

Pyro Snowboarder.

Have you gained anything yet from hanging?

I have gained 1/2 to 3/4” in 2 years. Ya I know… slow. And yes I am very dedicated, rarely take a break.
I am not gifted with “stretchy” ligs. In fact my ligs fight back if I stress them too much. This latest “multi-angle” routine is giving me a fatigue level that is lasting all of the next day. That has been rare for all the hanging variations I have used. I have to manage the retraction carefully. That is what makes hanging exciting. I also think that hanging using a pulley with a bearing is partly responsible for the added fatigue. It has to do with creep vs. stress relaxation. This is a long discussion for another time.

My advise to a new hanger is to not be in a hurry to add weight. I think that may make your tissues stronger instead of longer. Also develop a very accurate measurement technique and record your measurements and workouts.

How has your routine been shaping up?


Well I started hanging religiously two weeks ago and before that I just did it on and off and happened take like a month off in December. Ive been doing on and off for like 3 months I would say. I feel no fatigue with low weight really, I remember doing BTC at 10lbs for 6x 20 min sets without fatigue. I worked my way up to about 17.5lbs but I can rarely get a whole set in cause its an extreme stretch. I like the feeling when I hang and I dont really have anything else better to do so I typically do about six sets a day, but Im trying to increase to nine. And I am documenting my measurements with pictures. So everyone month I will take pics to see what progress I have made.

It sounds like you have a great start at hanging. You must be wrapping ok an the hanger must be adjusted ok too. Nice work.

Fatigue is a vague concept when it comes to hanging. We want fatigue because most here generally believe it means something good is happening. However, if we don’t get it we just keep doing the same thing hoping that fatigue is not absolutely required in order to gain. So is fatigue required in order to gain? The jury seems to be out on this. Fatigue comes and goes for me. I also have experienced at least 2 flavors of fatigue. One is a dull ache in the shaft. The other is a more noticable ache at the attachment points on the pubic symphasis. Either way I have not been able to keep these levels of fatigue going for any more than a few days at a time.

I currently have the dull ache using this “multi-angle” routine. I took yesterday off and today the ache is only slightly there. I play to hang tonight and the next two days. If I ache all tomorrow and for three consecutive days then I may have found a more fatigue prone routine. If gains start coming then I would say that fatigue is linked to quicker gains. I would love to gain 1/4” in a month but if it takes a year then that is ok too.

In the last several months I went from heavy hanging (22+ lbs) to a very heavy (27 lbs)/short duration (20-40 second) shock routine for 2 to 3 weeks. Following the shock routine I could not hang heavy without severe retraction and pain placing the hanger. So I restarted with 7.5 - 10 lbs. After a month, the most I do is 11.25 and I do not plan going up in weight until I am sure that I am not gaining.

On measuring… I think the pictures will be a good thing but I also think that accurate measurements will be important so that you can evaluate changes in your routine. What kind of measurement repeatability do you currently get?


BPEL 6.85 about but thats when im sitting down when i stand up my NBPEL is 6.25 I think. But omg my vines are coming in now and I seem to have almost doubled my flaccid size. Good for me cause Im 19 I guess, and I have plenty of time to gain hopefully. I also try to do some manual stretches for half an hour after I hang as well, I dont know if this helps though but it couldnt hurt.

Do you ever hang BTC?

By the way I wrap only with theraband, and by the end of six sets my skin is stretched to its max.

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