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Suggestions Heat source for V-Hanging

Suggestions Heat source for V-Hanging

Guys, I’ve been v-hanging for two months now (10lbs x 3 sets x 20 min per set in the morning and another other 3 sets in the evening).

N.B. For those not familiar, v-hanging is where the weight is attached to a “collar” placed in the middle of the shaft or near the base mimicking a V-stretch while the hanger itself (e.g. Bib, wench, etc) is used to hold the penis straight out.] I’ve reinvented it and found that it provides just the right amount of tension (even at lower weights) much better than a normal straight-down hang.

Here’s my question: During one of my sessions, it occurred to me that it might be possible to incorporate a heat source directly during the v-hanging session, I.e. Attaching some heat source to the collar or using the heat source itself as the collar to which the weights are attached.

I’ve racked my brains on how this could be achieved. Any suggestions?

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Congratulations on your first post, highcommander!

It sounds like you are looking for heat at/under the point of contact, mid-shaft? An infrared lamp would provide general warmth, but not at the particular point you most want to heat.

The only other thing that comes to mind would be a microwaveable heat pad, which would provide heat by direct contact.

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I think Lampwick gave the best suggestion possible already (an infrared lamp).

Heat pads, rice socks, or other solutions will make you waste a lot of time re-heating things in a microwave (I’ve done things like this, and it gets very annoying if you’re doing a large number of sets, spread over a long number of hours).

Hanging over a rice sock, if you want heat under? But infrared lamp will penetrate tissue to the other side if I recall correctly.

Rice sock for first try, lamp for serious use.

regards, mgus

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Thanks lampwick, blink and mgus— will try the rice sock idea and let you know.

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