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Stupid Question About Wrapping

Stupid Question About Wrapping

I’ve decided to use the HTW method described in xenolith’s post (HTW: its a wrap) with my bib hanger.

Here’s my stupid question: How does one apply the HTW? The easiest way would be to slip it on like a condom… but then you’re erect. I don’t know much about hanging (yet), but I do know that hanging with an erection is a big no-no. I’ve tried to attach a HTW while flaccid and have met with little success.

Right now, I’m applying the HTW while erect and then waiting to become flaccid again. I feel foolish. Please help :)

:D You will feel foolish for a while. I found in the early days I used to always get hard while wrapping. Not really much you can do about it but wait for it to subside. There really is no need to feel foolish. Eventually your penis will get used to it and become hard less often while wrapping.

Thanks for your reply :) I just discovered the videos on hanging and wrapping; however, they don’t seem incredibly relevant to what I’m trying to do with the HTW. The more I think about it, you almost need an applicator to apply the HTW to a flaccid penis. I’d love to hear from some experienced members - if a moderator or admin could move this thread to the Hanger’s forum, I’d be delighted.

While waiting for some expert opinions from the PE veterans here, I tried hanging again using the HTW + bib.

I was able to get through a 20 minute session with 2.5lbs (I’m just starting - don’t make fun ;) ) without much discomfort. The glans got cool during the last portion of the hang, but I monitored them carefully – no discoloration. However, I did notice that the base of the glans was being pushed toward the head - the base was folding up, literally. Is this normal, or am I not tightening the hanger enough? (I couldn’t tell in the videos).

Thanks for the help guys - I look forward to your advice :)

OK, wrapping with a condom style (HTW) wrap.

1/ Roll it up
2/ ‘Open’ it with your fingers, so you have a hoop thicker than your penis, then ‘place’ (not roll) the tube over your head, then roll it down, like a condom.

I agree, flaccid its not easy to get these on, and your glans can take a bit of a battering, especially if you’re uncut.

Jelq my boy, jelq like the wind.

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