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stretching the tunica

stretching the tunica

Here is a scenario: In flaccid state, stretch the penis manually as much as you can. That cord that is taunt that can be felt is the tunica, how can it best be stretched? Jelqing and all the other exercises enlarge the other parts of the penis, the spongy parts that inflate with blood, but this tough “guitar string” thick center is what needs to be stretched. Pulling the ligs, pulls out the penile shaft and that helps in length, but is this tunica cord going to stretch? Is it or does it take fatigue like the ligs need to get it to give? Or, does it pretty much stay static? Can you who have had good success, offer some opinion here? Thanks to all!, Iowa

There are a lot of posts which go into details about the tunica (try searching for tunica). Many of the detailed hanging post mentions it and the is a lot about the tunica and plateau’s in cluding this thread which links to a good article on PEforums.


Probably for most guys, the tunica is the toughest. However, just like any other body part, it can be stretched. It is not static.


I saw a thread I think it was on, the gist of it is to do your PC muscle exercises 1st to the point of exhausting the PC muscle. Once you’ve done that it’s easier to direct more of the stress from your routines directly on the tunica.

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