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Stretching against the muscle

Stretching against the muscle

Last week I was doing one of my regular hang routines while I watched a movie. This is normal for me, makes the session go by quickly and keeps me flaccid (attention is elsewhere).

However, one day I was watching a horror/suspense movie and I noticed that my body was trying to do the defensive “retract” thing. The whole defense mechanism our bodies have.

My question is, would it be a good idea to stretch against this retraction? Or is that just a good way to hurt myself?

I ended up changing the movie because I didn’t want to hurt myself. But it made me wonder.

Whether you mean that your body moves against the direction of hang force or that you contract your BC muscle, it could be dangerous. For a split second, the total force on your penis would be much higher than the hang force you use, which could result in an injury.

Ultimately, it depends on your hang weight, conditioning, and so forth, but as with any form of PE, it would be wise to eliminate all unknown variables.

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Like fight or flight response? Didn’t know it would affect the penis, but interesting. But I think something like this has happened to me before, where little James suddenly won’t stretch to anywhere near the length it usually does. It definitely isn’t productive, but I find if I make a nice upward stretch, it goes back to being stretchy and loose.

Originally Posted by James00
Like fight or flight response?

Exactly like that. It happened while I was watching a suspense movie and got to a part that more or less startled me. You get the whole adrenalin thing going and then little Jimmy decided it was time to get small (I would assume that’s a defense mechanism).

I just wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to have that happen while stretching. It’s not that I’m jumping or anything (that would be bad). It’s that my penis is actually trying to contract and become smaller.

Then again, I got to thinking it might even be a good thing (not that it’s easy to reproduce that situation on demand). I had no clue, so I figured I’d see what you guys thought.

From the way it feels to me, I don’t think so. If you want contraction in the ligs, you can always kegel above your LOT.

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