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Stretch skin again

Stretch skin again

Ok hangers I have a question. We all know when you first start hanging you have to stretch the skin first so skin is the first limiting factor. As one progresses and starts to see gains your ligs get fatigued and lengthen. This fatigue and lig stretch will at some point catch up with the skin again. How do you know that you are at a point that you need to work on skin stretch again? Will it feel like the burn you first experienced? How can you feel the skin is the limited factor with you ligs fatigued? Is the skin the same limiting factor that keeps gains from coming later?


SNM, you asked when is it time to stretch the skin. I’m sure you realize that you are always stretching the skin while hanging. And, I’m also sure that you know there are ways to increase the degree of skin stretch. So, the question is: when do we condition the skin for more stretch? The answer: increases in weight.

The initial skin stretch that a hanger experiences in the first months of hanging is the worst in terms of pain and discomfort. After the skin is conditioned and accustomed to the strain of weight, it is more comfortable to hang and, eventually, we hardly notice the skin stretch. The stretching doesn’t cease, it is perpetual.

But, you’re right, we do need to apply a higher degree of skin stretch at certain times. Those times are due to an increase in weight after we have lost the ability to achieve fatigue at our current weight. We feel the increase, at first, in the skin because it is very sensitive. In order to make it less painful, it is a good idea to drop some weight and move the hanger a little further back on the shaft. That will apply a higher degree of skin stretch while hanging.

When you get used to the new skin stretch you can increase the weight and return the hanger down the shaft. Keep in mind that these hanger placement adjustments are only 1/4” or less.

By the time you are hanging heavy weights you’ll notice that you have no choice but to keep moving the hanger back on the shaft. The “pull” is so significant that you must allow for the extra pull and not allow the hanger to ride over your head.

Don’t worry about running out of shaft space or hanging become less effective because of the placement of the hanger. You should be gaining more shaft all the time while hanging. In that respect, think of it like walking the opposite way on a moving escalator.

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Ram, that explains it very well.

I wonder is supplementation of the hormone relaxin would aid in stretching skin and ligs—anybody tried it?

I think this may be one of the big things that guys miss with hanging and can cause a plateau in gains or at lest a slow in gains.

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