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Strap for Wench

Strap for Wench

The strap needed for the wench, is it a NECESSITY that it be 1” wide. I have an old guitar strap I never use so I figure that can be used, but it is 2.125” wide, not 1”. Can this be used or can I cut it down or something?

My wench strap is 2 inches wide- bought it at LOWE’s hardware store. I actually though it was supposed to be this wide in the first place, I don’t know.

I tried cutting it in half (because there was so much of it when I bought it-there was some to waste and experiment with) and clamped but it put more stress on the head, and didnt grip as well.

Two inches is wider- which means it will touch more surface area of the penis.and once I started ‘double’ clamping, one at the top of the wench and one at the bottom- the actual pulling sensation was much better than one clamp, and there was a lot less slippage- creating stress on the head

This is for the strap you attach the weight to, right? The one that will have velcro stuck to both ends so it adheres to the wench cylinder?

In that case, it’s not essential that it be 1 inch. It can be thinner or wider; it just has to be able to bear whatever weight you’re hanging. However, it’s good to have the ends at least an inch wide so that the velcro piece on the strap (or pieces, I velcro both sides) has a good, strong purchase on the velcro it’s sticking to in the wench cylinder.

If your strap is too wide where it attaches to the weight, it may bunch up and pinch your dick.

I am talking about the “nylon” strap.

Anybody else?

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