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Strange soreness from hanging


Wow… +1 cool points for wearing sunglasses while stretching.

I’ve gotten that pang of acute discomfort as well (how’s that for avoiding the p word? ;) . Although, mine doesn’t sound as regular as yours. Mine happens maybe once or twice a week.

Originally Posted by hopeful2hanglow
Again this started after I introduced the infra-red into my routine.

My opinion:

Stop the infra-red, see if the pain persists. You may need a few weeks to heal. You may want to find a hanging angle that doesn’t aggravate the pain further, so you wont need to stop hanging.

Also, infra-red scares me (one too many cooked dick stories for me to swallow—no pun intended). Rice sock = safer.

Hi. I too use an infrared lamp. It’s 250W (too much) Experimented with distance between lamp & dick on the first night, burnt it internally, (didn’t feel discomfort until 1-2” away! At which point it was too late - anything < 12” away for > 5-7 mins, & you’re asking for trouble) not severe, just sore for 4-5 days.

That was 9 months ago. Get closer than 12” for > 10 mins, & you’ll generally overheat.

12” - 18” to warm up.

Once it’s warm, back off to around 20-24”.

Using the lamp ‘sensibly’ does seem to benefit the awkward bits, ie; the tunica.

Hope this helps.

I agree with Robollox. Get it nice and warm then back it off to maintain the heat.

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