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Strange feeling while hanging

Strange feeling while hanging

Hi guys! That’s the problem .I’ve just started hanging a few days ago and while I’m hanging I have this strange feeling described in other threads as “tight string” which takes all of the weight.By slighting a little more skin I could remove it, but I wanna ask is it good to feel this way, is it a part of the penis or it’s just skin and I should loosen some more?

Sorry for my English:(

Started september 2004: BPEL 6,1" and EG 5,1" September 2006: BPEL 7,5" and EG 5,5" My longterm goal: BPEL 8,5" and EG 6"

Sounds like it’s skin since sliding more skin back relieves the tension. If it was the septum that wouldn’t happen. It would stay tight even with plenty of loose skin over it.

If you’re circumsized you’ll probably have to spend some time stretching skin before the internals can take the load. If you have plenty of skin already to hang in the positions you’re using try to wrap and attach to minimize skin involvement.

I have a fair amount of excess skin.When I hang,I push as much of the skin forward as I can before starting my wrap,and attach my hanger closer to the base of my penis.This reduces the amount of slide associated with the skin as it is mostly all pushed forward already.One thing I noticed when doing this though,It will sting a little at the on set of the session as there is not much skin to help take up the slack.If it is too uncomfortable for you at first,break your sets down into ten minutes each instead of twenty.

Chainz, you should be doing that the other way around. If anything, tug the skin back when wrapping, not forward. Allow some slack in the area between the hanger and the base of the shaft so the skin doesn’t get stretched tight when in position.

The way you’re doing it has the weight supported almost entirely by skin. That’s good for stretching skin but not for making the penis longer.

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