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Stopping slip when hanging

Stopping slip when hanging

I can’t seem to get the hanger tight enough to not have my penis turtle into my skin. Any suggestions?

Which kind of hanger?


Use better underwrap like theraband?

iHang Muzzle

:hanger: 15 lbs now. Angle: BTC

Some things I’ve learned by trial and error and reading the forums is that the wrapped length shouldn’t be too long, the wrapping should be looser at the glans end (this way, as the hanger slips with the skin, the pressure gets bigger, to the point it doesn’t slip anymore; if the tightness would be constant all over the wrapped part, the skin will slide and eventually you’ll get the glans squeezed under the hanger, which is very bad). Also, the wrapping should start about 1” below the glans. You should find the perfect combination of these variables to work best on your dick.

I’ve also recently found that if you keep your penis extended all the time during wrapping, the wrapping will be much better. So I just put the vacextender cap with a sleeve on, make sure I don’t roll all the sleeve over (this way it’s easier to take it off once the wrapping is done), attach it to the knee strap and pull it with one of my legs. After the wrapping is over, I take the vacextender cap off.

You may need to adjust the hanger. Sometimes toe in or toe out helps.

What is your current length? Are you using the BIB Starter or the regular BIB?

Are you pulse pushing while attaching the hanger?

Search up my old thread here in this very forum and I believe you might find some answers :)

Originally Posted by Faerless
I can’t seem to get the hanger tight enough to not have my penis turtle into my skin. Any suggestions?

Do you meet the length & girth requirements for your hanging device?
You must be at least 6” x 5” to use the Bib Regular. Assuming you do, something is wrong with your wrap, or hanger settings.

Increase Your Wrapped Flaccid Girth
You can try wrapping the theraband thicker, or adding an HTW or What-A-Grip underneath your theraband.

Adjust the Hanger Bottom Wing Nuts Closer
You’ll have to adjust the wing nuts & the nuts on the bottom of the hanging device so that the hanger can grip your wrap tightly enough not to slip. Don’t have things so loose that the top teeth of the hanging device don’t mesh (otherwise, you wont be able to tighten things during your set).

If you adjust the bottom wing nuts so they are too close together, you risk having the device twist too easily. However, if these are expanded all the way out, then it’s an adjustment issue.

Beyond that, I don’t think this is enough information for anyone to make an assessment.

Turtle into your skin? Are you circumcised? Anyway, a common error is attaching the hanger too high on the shaft; try attaching it more near the base, so the little blood inside your penis (not a lot, just a little bit) creates a plug which should avoid the slipping.

Oh, and when you lift the weight, tighten again the hanger.

Right—the wrap starts 1.25” behind the coronal ridge assuming you’re cut.

Uncut guys need to start the wrap 1.5” to 2” behind the coronal ridge from what I’ve heard.

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