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Sticky for uncut hangers

Sticky for uncut hangers

I am uncut and have been thinking about getting into hanging to get that extra 1/2” I want.

The information for uncut hanging is sprinkled all around. I think it would be great to have all the bits and pieces put into one place as a general guide for uncut hangers. This could be put as a sticky. I know there must be a lot of uncut guys who are hanging or have been reluctant to because of difficulty gathering all the advice.

I know I have personally spent money on products for hanging to learn that they don’t work with an uncut penis.

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Here’s what I’ve learned after two whole days of uncut hanging.

1) It hasn’t been that difficult.
2) Feels pretty good when everything’s set just right.

What I did..
1) Pulled the skin BACK.. Because I’m not trying to grow more foreskin, afterall.
2) Used a long HTW and made it two thicknesses by pulling one end up through the other.
3) Went over that with a layer of that brown crinkly “ace bandage looking” stuff that sticks only to itself.
4) Used a captain’s wench, a cable clamp, and 5 lbs.
5) Hung over a warm rice sock.
6) Did 3 sets, 10 mins the first day when I was having to experiment with how to wrap, etc.. And 15 mins the second day when I had worked that out and wasn’t feeling any discomfort.

Oh, almost forgot a crucial part. I had to experiment a bit with how much blood to leave in the glans to keep the thing in place.. Without discomfort. Bottom line is it can be done.. Comfortably.. With some trial and error.

I’ll let you know how things go.

Thanks spanky. Let me know how it turns out. I’m debating getting a Bib Hanger but am hesitant because I don’t want to waste $130 if it’s not going to work.

What’s a “HTW”?

I hope hanging with the skin pulled back won’t make the area to sensitive.

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Ok, it’s been a month.
I don’t see any big gains, and didn’t expect any so soon. Maybe.. Maaaybeee an 1/8 of an inch. Cool. I’m really only after about an inch in length and a half inch in girth.

I kept to the 5 lbs the whole time, but I went from:
3 sets of 15 minutes each, to
3 sets of 20 minutes each, and ended up doing
2 sets of 30 minutes each.

When I switched to 2 sets, I also added the twist of doing one set pulling down, and and one set pulling up.

As to the wrapping/hanging situation I find there’s a very big difference in comfort and sustainable time depending on how much blood you leave in the penis. I think I’m using a bit more than some of the cut people recommend, but it is necessary to hold the weight in place and to maintain comfort. The head does get cool and slightly darker.. But it’s slight.. Not anything terrible at all.

Planning to raise the weight to 7.5 this month and lower the time initially. Will try to increase the minutes again as the month goes by. We’ll see. (Oh, also should add, I’m doing some minor clamping too.. Nice.)

All in all, I think month one has been a success. I’ll check in again soon.

How did you prevent the foreskin form just slipping over the head? How did you wrap?

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I found that if I wrap and hang in the fully flaccid state it will slip right off. So, I’m doing it with a very slightly engorged unit. You’ll have to do some experimentation to figure out just how much of a semi you need. I’m pulling the skin all the way back under the HTW, which seems like it would increase the chance of it sliding off, but for me it works best.

As for the wrap, I did the HTW as mentioned in the post above and used that same crinkly brown wrap over it. Letting the hair tie material extend about halfway onto the glans adds comfort. I start the brown crinkly stuff just behind the glans and wrap backward toward the body, fairly tight. I tried it the other direction, seemed sensible since I was trying to keep some blood IN, but it didn’t work as well.

Once the wrap is applied, I do some squeezing, mainly to make the shaft thinner and to plump up the glans. If necessary, kegel some extra blood in there. I apply the Captain’s Wench about half an inch behind the glans. When the weight is on, it slides forward a bit, but shouldn’t be putting painful pressure on the glans.

Again, you’re going to have to experiment ‘till you figure out the right combination of skin pull, blood, wrap, and hanger spacing. Expect, during the first week or two, that there will be some times when you set it up, apply weight, and have to start over again because it doesn’t feel right. Eventually that will become rare. Good luck, it can be done.

I built myself a wench “one incher”, and the very first time I tried it, my wrapping was perfect! It felt comfortable, there was no skin pinch at all. I thought to myself boy this wrapping and being uncut problem must be made up. Anyways, I tried tonight to do my first proper set, and for the life of me I could not keep the hanger on.Damn, I wish I remember how I wrapped the very first time!

I hadn’t planned on an update ‘till another month had passed, but here’s one anyway.

Seems that at this point jumping from 5lbs to 7.5lbs is too much. I can manage it, but the discomfort level is more than I want to deal with. It’s partly an issue of figuring out a better wrap, but it’s also an issue of never quite feeling “recovered” afterward. So, I’m backing down to 5 for a while longer.

Still using the wench system, but I did make a second “inch wench” as someone in here suggested. It works very nicely and feels as though it’s stretching more of the length than the full sized one did. Also have used it as an ADS a few times.. Not bad.

Most important thing I found after much trial and error, is the after care. Make sure you apply lots of heat and I use “St. Ives Swiss Formula with Collagen Elastin Therapy Lotion.” The extra skin on the uncut penis will always be suseptible to more tissue damage, so make sure you don’t over do it and you take proper after care measures and wait till it heals. With this method, I find I am good to go the next day.

Hey I’m uncut and I’m using a homemade bib hanging at 16.5lbs x 15min then 14lbs x 10 min then 11lbs x 10 min, do you guys think it’ll be worth it to buy a real bib? I mean this homemade one is getting pretty painful.

It’s been a while.. And I wish I could say I’d been steadily hanging.. But unfortunately it’s been more of an extended vacation than steady progress. Anyway, I’m back at it and enjoying it a lot. I felt like doing more weight today though, so I pulled out the original “Wench” I made, with 2” material.. Which allowed me to use 2 cable clamps instead of one.. And thus spread the load over a larger area. I managed 10 lbs quite nicely, doing 15 mins, pulling straight out, 15 pulling upward, and 15 hanging down. I did the same routine with 7.5.. And again with 5. So all told I made 2.5 hours. After that, I went to an ADS using a rubberband that provides about 2.5 lbs of pressure at the length I have it stretched.

I do want to encourage you uncut hangers out there. It really can be done. It just takes some trial and error to find a comfortable way to do the wrap and hanger. Good luck!

Oh, by the way..

The latest type of wrap I’m using is pretty simple. It’s a length of an ace bandage, cut about 2” wide.. Maybe 10” long. That goes on first, wrapped fairly tight. Then I use a similar sized piece of theraband to give the hanger something to grip. That’s put on tight too, of course. Then the hanger and cable clamp/s.

Quick and easy.. And very rarely do I have an uncomfortable wrap/hang.

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