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Starting to hang

Starting to hang

Now that my two month decon break is over, I want to start hanging. I have all the needed supplies to start hanging, but I do not know how i should go about hanging. Can any experienced hangers comment on the effectiveness of IPR vs PPM vs the hanging sample routine, and about the effectiveness of constant heat during the workout, not just as a warm up/cool down.


Slow down, tiger.

First off, you’ll have your work cut out for you just by learning how to hang. There is no need in stressing over different protocols. Start with hanging 1-2 sets a day and eventually increase to 10 hours a week if you can. You may want to include and ADS while you are not hanging. I don’t know much about IPR and PPM, but do know it is wise to hang the maximum amount of time you can sacrifice in a week. Hard work and dedication still wins when it comes to hanging, there are no shortcuts to my knowledge.

Bigger used heat at the first half of a set and let it off during the last half. His reason was to let the tissue cool in the expanded state.

There is a wealth of information in the Hanger’s Forum, the earlier the threads it seems the better. I don’t have a clue what hanger you are using, if a vacuum then that’s another whole different ballgame.

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